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Iran: The Art and Design of the ‘Green Movement’

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Where is my Vote [2]” is an exhibition of 150 political posters for the Green Movement in Iran that was on display at the School of Visual Arts in New York (August 30-September 25) by graphic artists from around the world (Yossi Lemel [3]‘s creation above) in support of the protests in Iran that followed the 2009 presidential election. These designs will also be exhibited in Boston [4] in November.


Cyber citizenship, blogging and courageous citizen photo-bloggers were a corner stone of this international artistic movement.
John Wyszniewski, Assistant Director of Communication at the School of Visul Arts in New York said to Global Voices by email:

Following the elections in Iran in the summer of 2009, an Iranian photographer who goes by the name of Green Bird urged graphic artists from all over the world to create posters in support the Green Movement in Iran. One of the artists he approached, Italian designer Andrea Rauch, volunteered to host all of the posters on the web site SocialDesignZine [6], the blog of the Association of Italian Graphic Designers, where Rauch serves as editor. Over 200 posters have been collected on the site and can be viewed.

Wyszniewski shares a text from one of Green Bird's emails:

And here is the text from one of Green Bird's original emails:
“How are you,my friend? I hope you are fine.I am so sad in these days.many people died in Iran(after Iran election).the boys and girls killed in last days.my tears go by.the present issue in Iran is an international one.And in my opinion the well-known artists of the world should join the cause.you are a Great Illustrator.I urgently ask you to design a poster in support of this cause.you are an Iranian in these days like me.you are like me then help me in this way (Green Movement).”

Green Bird in her emails shared [7]his/her photos from Iranian protests with the outside world too.

Wyszniewski at the end says the main topics symbolizing ‘Green art’ are: “Unity, Desire for Freedom, Betrayal, Hope.”