Philippines: President answers Facebook note

Reyn Barnido’s facebook note, “Mr. President, something in you has to die,” was reposted by many users in the Philippines. Even President Noynoy Aquino responded via facebook.

Barnido aired his frustration with the two-month performance of the new government. His take-off point was the hostage tragedy in Manila last month which left nine Hong Kong tourists dead. He also expressed his disappointment with the Cabinet members of Aquino.

An excerpt of Barnido’s open letter

Mr. President, we did not switch from cheerleaders to cynics because of a singular incident caused by a madman. Our process was a metamorphosis catalyzed by a series of excuses and inconsistencies over the past two months. They don’t paint you as a man in control; rather they portray a group of helpless officials in utter disarray like rats scrambling from the basement of a burning building. You are the hub of a bunch of incompetent fools whose idea of honesty is withholding the truth until someone slips and whose interpretation of transparency is to let the media and the public wrestle the facts from their mouths like fishes dangling from hooks.

This is not a flaw in the character of your administration; this inefficiency has become your defining trait.

Believe it or not, your cheerers may have become cynics, but they are still your companions in this journey. I, for one, will not abandon you Mr. President.

An excerpt of Aquino’s reply which was posted on his official Facebook account

First of all, thank you for your note on Facebook. Such insights from concerned citizens are vital in a maturing democracy such as ours, where all avenues and technologies should be explored in order to raise the level of public discourse. However, thoughts expressed in such sites, which can sometimes be incendiary, spread easily without the necessary validation. This is why I felt the need to respond to your letter

I understand that much of your frustration stems from the unfortunate crisis that befell our nation, but my administration will not be defined by this tragedy. It will be defined by what we have already achieved and what we will still achieve in the future.

Here are some Facebook comments.

Ronald C. Rosas praises Barnido’s “nice and truthful” letter

been wrestling with the same feelings of disgust towards pnoy (Author’s note: Aquino prefers to be called PNoy, short for President Noynoy) for his seeming lack of control and weak governance and this piece hit the target right on. yes, i'm not yet giving up on him, but i hope he get his act together pretty soon. or else, the cynics would turn real bad critics.

Cheryl L. Daytec appreciates the quick reply of Aquino

That Pres. Aquino or his team would take time to respond to an issue raised on FB is a bit encouraging. At least they listen to a vigilant citizenry.

Ditas Garchitorena describes Aquino’s response as proof of transparent governance.

Now this is what we call transparent governance…Thank you, Mr. President for your honesty and humility. God bless you!

Jerome Locson notes how technology can help citizens articulate their sentiments

See how technology can help voice-out our concerns? Glad that Pres. Aquino responded to this note.

Peter Paul Carim appeals to Filipinos to be patient with the new government

I’m glad that PNoy was open to this kind of criticism and responded in a positive way. I think we Filipinos expected to much from his government and expected an “immediate” transformation or change. Be reasonable Pinoys. It’s not going to happen in just a few days or months. And let’s just wait after 2 (two) years like PNoy said. If you want our country to change for good, weather you like our President or not, you should do your part too as a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines.

Balatucan is not worried if Barnido will no longer support the president

The note is disguised as an advice to the President. But glossing over the entire note, it is very evident that it is actually a sugar coated attack on the President

Well, if Barnido sees that everything is over for Pnoy in just two months then losing him in the group is a good riddance. What are needed are people made of steel. People who will not buckle down at the first sign of distress.

Creed of Goop analyzes both the letter writer and the president

Me, I'm just surprised (or jealous) that Noynoy actually replied to a random person on the web…I do believe, however, that Noynoy is taking too much value on impressions and, subsequently, saving face. I cannot help but generalize this overt sensitivity as a sign of weakness, a student of Psychology that I am. Though Reyn's hasty logic is no less erroneous, Noynoy cowering behind heaps of excuses is obvious either. Nevertheless, the blogger did affirm his support for the president. The lack of strong will is probably just one aspect of himself that needed to die.


  • liz

    Just like every Pilipinos who is watching his administration, we all wish the success of his term without the interference from the corrupt politicians and advisors around him. I hope he can make his stand through the length of his tenure. Be strong and and do the right decisions for the people who put you in where you are now and all the people of the Philippines. We want you to make us proud.

    Sad to say:
    The majority of this elected people in Congress and in the Senates are not educated to know about the Philippines Constitutions. They cannot even enact a new laws to help the populations. RE: Social, Labor, Welfare, Education . This needs some serious modifications and changes if they have one. Encourage your Cabinets to look at all the problems concerning the important matters that will help the populations. Put your Cabinet members to work. Not just sit and collect salaries.

    Good Luck!!

    We are watching Mr. President.

  • I think if COA is doing its job well, corruption big corruptions could have been prevented. maybe some of them are in cahoots with corrupt govt officials. anyone out there who believes me?

  • Mr. Pres. Aquino,

    Philippines Senator & Congress are in Circe de Soleil
    arena. How many more whistle to blow, before they get there act together. During my ROTC days, Army Genral was collecting money every three hours., From
    students than has no money. What do you expect from your Military Official. They even arm there enemy to the teeth. To create upheaval. Do something, Rizal got shor what for. Your Father got shot , what for. Don’t wait for uprising. That’s nothing with Pinoy’s on poverty. Please, forget your good looks. Put all the monkies in a cage.

    Canadian Pinoy

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