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Philippines: “Hong Kong, our apology for what happened”

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Last Monday's hostage-taking of Hong Kong nationals in Manila [1], which has roused worldwide indignation over the bloodshed, has led Filipinos to write apologies via a Facebook page.

The “Hong Kong, our apology for what happened” [2] Facebook page now has over 30,000 likes. Its wall is filled with general apologies from Filipino Facebook users:

Roland Jacob Delos Santos: People of Hong Kong, our apologies and condolences. We're one with you in mourning for your loss. Please forgive our president – he does not know what he is doing.
Ely Realeza: We don't need to defend our name, just be humble and ask for forgiveness…
Rowena Agulto: To the people of Hongkong we sincerely apologize for what happen in our country! I still cry everytime I watch the video of the incident. I felt so sorry for those innocent life that was lost. May God be with Us!


Some comments specifically apologized for the Philippine police and government's incompetence and mishandling of the incident which is perceived as a big factor in the bloodshed:

Omar Leyson: We sincerely apologize for the incompetence and callousness of the authorities/media involved in that tragic incident…please continue your TRUST to our fellow OCWs who works hard and honestly in your beautiful country…They just want to bring food to their families back in the Philippines…Again, we're sorry and may our Divine Creator continue to bless all of us…Thank you!
Justin Felix: our deepest condolences to the chinese nationals who were murdered on aug 23 hostage crisis.We all know that their innocent and dont deserve to be treated that way.Were sorry for our authorities for not responding quickly and for not having capable skills to act in that kind of situation. We know that our apology is not enough to put away sorrows in their families and in every chinese nationals in honkong. From our heart were sincerely sorry for what happened.Were really sorry we really do..=,((

Hong Kong citizens are also exchanging comments with Filipinos in the page:

Wong Johnson:Dear all the phillipinos, I understand the very main source of the incidence is the serious corruption in ur country and most of u are victims too. So, we would just blame on the incidence itself but not the whole nation of you.
Christmas Cheung: Although most of Filipinos are nice. To be a HKP , I still decide not to go Philippines for my entire life :S
Laurel Lee: Actually, I just hope people who did wrong to say sorry… You guys can do nothing but watching the event when it happened and you all show that you care. I can see the goodness in you, but this apology I cannot accept. It is because those horrible things are not done by you. The police, the government, and phototakings guys should apologize, but they don't. That's why we are still upset.
I typed emotional words here yesterday too. Sorry about that…but my point is release the anger of HKers is no good for both of us. You all don't need to receive such a negative emotion in this way.

There are occasional angry statements but there seems to be a positive and conscious effort among the page's commenter to avoid being offensive:

Jackson Chi Wai Tsang: I am from Hong Kong. I think most Filipinos who have been to this Fan page can understand our feelings. Please kindly keep this attitude and spread to you nearbys who don't understand.
Anthony Morabe: Fellow Filipinos, If they have said something bad to us don't retaliate. Don't debate with them, it isn't going to help. Just deepen your understanding. It's completely understandable if they have violent reactions and don't give an excuse of it could happen anywhere cause I think they heard that like a million times already. Let's just hope that someday they can and they will forgive us. PEACE.
Xavier Leung: some reminders for all people who leave message in this page:
1. please try to use language that is understood by both Hongkongers and Filipinos.
using languages that is not understood by other people may cause misunderstandings and cannot show your respect.
2. please do not use the Google Translate, as the result is not so good.
3. please do not post messages you saw on this page again, the page is over-flooding