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24 August 2010

Stories from 24 August 2010

Chile: Thermoelectric Plant is Approved Despite President's Promise

Pakistan: Muslim Women And Non-Muslim Men

India: Do Politicians Deserve Pay Hikes?

Puerto Rico: When Legalizing Abortion is not Enough

Lebanon: Giving Palestinian Refugees the Right to Work

Lebanon is home to over 400,000 Palestinian refugees, who are not allowed to own property, cannot access the health care system, and need a special permit to leave their refugee...

India: Onathallu Festival

Russia: LiveJournal Communities as a Transparency Tool

Alexey Sidorenko explores how LiveJournal communities are being used to promote transparency and accountability in Russia.

Pakistan: Netizens In Action Helping Flood Victims

The floods in Pakistan have so far claimed more than 1600 lives and affected about 20 million people who are in dire need of relief and aid. Pakistani young netizens...

Bermuda: Facts of Life?

Jamaica, U.S.A.: Remembering Andrew

Cuba: Blogger Arrested

Noam Chomsky in China

On 13 August, Noam Chomsky delivered a speech at the Peking University in Beijing. Chomsky, one of the leading public intellectuals of our age, is famous for his political activism...

Azerbaijan: Bloqosfer 2010

Ghana: A plea for music education

Benin: Traveler Recounts Experience at Porga Border

Ghana: Sex Scenes in Ghanaian Movies

Mexico: Elementary Public Schools Connected to the Internet

Nigeria: Why Farin Ruwa is not on Word Waterfall Database?

Trinidad & Tobago: Unique Deal

Malawi: Newest Edition of Chichewa Dictionary

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