21 August 2010

Stories from 21 August 2010

France: Learn More about the Itinerant Community

  21 August 2010

Around the hot topic of the “gens du voyage” in France – the itinerant community – Léa Charles from suite101.fr, gives a few definitions to sport out any confusion; Les actualités du droit outlines the details of the law as they ought to be applied on this issue, Yann Savidan interviews...

Morocco: When Sarkozy “Proposes” a French Version of Ramadan

When Ahmed wrote his satirical blog post about a completely fictional announcement by president Nicolas Sarkozy intending to impose a French version of Islam on French Muslims, he never imagined his "story" would make the headlines of newspapers and mainstream media websites, not as the innocent prank he initially intended but as factual news.

China: Finland Bath

  21 August 2010

Carrie Yang and Katrien translated Han Han's short story, I want to talk to this world, which describes Finland Bath business and a police crackdown incident.