12 August 2010

Stories from 12 August 2010

Hungary: The New President

  12 August 2010

Hungarian Spectrum writes about the inauguration of Hungary's new president, Pal Schmitt; about Albert Wass, a Transylvanian-Hungarian author whose work Schmitt quoted in his inaugural speech; and about Schmitt's first few days in office: “Since his inauguration the not too sympathetic Hungarian public has been watching Schmitt's every move.”

Russia: Anothr Kemerovo Blogger Charged With Libel

RuNet Echo  12 August 2010

A criminal case has been started against Alexander Sorokin (aka LJ user commentator40), Echo Moskvy reported [RUS]. He is charged with libel against Kemerovo governor Aman Tuleev [EN] for the post [RUS] in which he compares Russian regional governors to Latin American dictators. It is the second famous case [EN]...

Egypt: Know New Blogs

Know New Blogs is a new meme started by Moroccan Egyptian Basma Aal at In Between the Lines. “Know New Blogs is a way to explore new blogs that is about different topics from all over the world,” she writes. This month's meme focuses on Arab bloggers, and those writing...

Global: Ramadan Memes

Every year, web-savvy Muslims around the world share images with each other to celebrate Ramadan. While most images of the sort are solemn, there is often plenty of humor to go around as well, writes Jillian C. York, who shares some of the fun.

South Korea: Lax Safety Control Lead to Bus Explosion

  12 August 2010

An ordinary bus in Seoul has exploded with a loud bang, injuring 17 people. The accident was due to overheated gas tanks but fear is growing among the people as the city is planning to replace every bus to this CNG model which exploded this week.

India: Perils Of Quota System For Minority Groups

  12 August 2010

Ram Bansal at India In Peril blog opines that the long practiced system of reservations of government posts in India to select minority groups is actually affecting “quality of persons in positions of authority and hence the governance of the country.”

India: The Khairlanji verdict

  12 August 2010

V. Venkatesan at Law and Other Things comments on a recent verdict of the Mumbai High Court on a brutal murder case: “the Khairlanji case has shaken the conscience of all right-thinking people, as the Judges refused to see any caste prejudice to the killing of Dalits by upper caste...

Sri Lanka: Lessons Learned for Peace and Reconciliation Commission

  12 August 2010

Going Global discusses about the proceedings and efficacy of the 8 members strong ‘Lessons Learned for Peace and Reconciliation Commission’ appointed by President Mahinda Rajapaksa to get a report on the lessons to be learnt from the events in Sri Lanka during the period from February 2002 to May 2009.

Japan: Incense

  12 August 2010

Martin J Frid from Kurashi has written several articles on the culture and tradition of incense: where to buy incense? ten virtues of incense and Japanese literature on incense.