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Global: Ramadan Memes

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A typical celebratory image

As Ramadan [2] begins in nearly every country around the world, so do the congratulatory messages accompanying the holy month.  From postage stamps [3] to presidential messages, Ramadan is officially online.  Even humor site someecards [4] boasts an entire category of Ramadan cards [5].

Every year, web-savvy Muslims around the world share images with each other to celebrate Ramadan.  While most images of the sort are solemn, such as the one to the left, there is often plenty of humor to go around as well.

One old favorite making the rounds again this year is a poster, presumably for a student event, posted on Failblog [6].  The poster invites students to learn about Ramadan, “the month of fasting” at noontime, with food being served:


Blogger Moo, responsible for the “Mooslim lolcats” meme, has put together a humorous image [8] to wish readers a happy Ramadan this year, in a post entitled “Ram a dan moo barracks”:


Another image making its way around Facebook this year incorporates the names of famous Muslims Tariq Ramadan [10], Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak [11], and basketball star Kareem Abdul Jabbar:


For more funny Ramadan humor, in English and Arabic, check out this posting on jannah.org [13].