9 August 2010

Stories from 9 August 2010

USA: Oil Spill Generates Swell in Creative Expression

  9 August 2010

The BP oil spill has left in its path a disaster that has affected ecological stability and the economic future of the Gulf Coast region. Art is a refuge where people can envision a less bitter finale to the tragedy unfolding in their backyards. It is also a means to dialogue about a profound sense of loss no amount of money can ever remediate.

Russia: Wildfire News Website Suspected to Be Attacked

RuNet Echo  9 August 2010

LJ-user irka-knopkina writes [RUS] about a Vyksa city website [RUS] that is allegedly DDoS'ed for posting information about wildfires. Administration of a local factory prohibited access to the website to its employees, blogger added. Vyksa and surrounding areas were hit by severe wildfires recently.

China: Zhouqu landslide, a man made disaster

  9 August 2010

On August 8, a landslide happened in Zhouqu in Gansu province. According to official Xinhua news, the disaster has so far taken away 127 people's lives and 1,294 people reported missing. Since there is very limited information from official media outlets, Woeser's coordinated a collaborative investigation via Twitter soon after...

Japan: An ancient Roman at the Japanese public bath

  9 August 2010

What could two cultures as distant in time and space as ancient Rome and the modern Japan have in commom? Such a question might sound like a riddle to many but is actually what inspired manga author Mari Yamazaki to create Thermae Romae , a manga said to inaugurate a new genre - the ‘bath’ manga.