1 August 2010

Stories from 1 August 2010

Taiwan: Dolphin surviving after entanglement

  1 August 2010

The Taiwan pink dolphin known as TW-36 was entangled in a rope in September 2008. Save the Taiwan Humpback Dolphins reports the dolphin has recently been sighted again and is free of the entangling rope.

Thailand: Comment on Thailand politics

  1 August 2010

Tony Hedges comments on Thai political crisis. He compares Thailand to an “Isaan house, on stilts, with a huge hole in the floor. Everyone knows there is a hole in the floor, but they generally walk around it giving it a wide berth.”

Indonesia: Gossip shows and sex change declared forbidden

  1 August 2010

Indonesia's highest state sponsored Muslim clerical organisation, the Majelis Ulama Indonesia, has issued a fatwa (ruling) declaring gossip shows and sex change operations as haram or forbidden. The government is not obliged to apply the fatwa into law.

Indonesia: Absentee legislators

  1 August 2010

Multibrand wants absentee legislators in Indonesia to be investigated after the publication of a report about the declining attendance in the House of Representatives.

Nigeria: ICT and the Nigerian film industry

  1 August 2010

Ethan blogs about a workshop on ICT and the Nigerian film industry: “(I asked a set of Ghanaian friends about online piracy and Ghallywood films – were they using BitTorrent to download films? They laughed at me – while the level of net connectivity in Ghana is generally higher than...

Uganda: The Glorious Rwenzori Mountains

  1 August 2010

Kabozi writes about the Rwenzoris mountains in Uganda: “They are also often referred to as the mountains of the moon…I hope I kindle more interest in this mountin range, one I have promised myself to climb….before global warming wipes out the ice cap.”

Japan: JET Program in danger of being cut

  1 August 2010

Amidst cost-cutting pressure, the government-run JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Program is in danger of being cut. Many JET alumni are speaking up, such as Bahia, who explains how the program provides essential foreign exposure and helps improve English proficiency. The Jetwit site provides background details. The 23 year old...

Africa: 5 Things You Did Not Know About Africa

  1 August 2010

A list of 5 Things You Did Not Know About Africa by Tolu Ogunlesi: “When Western tourists talk about Africa somehow it seems to me that what they really mean is East and Southern Africa, places like Namibia and Kenya and Botswana and parts of Uganda where you will find...

China: Sex workers demand legalization, organizer detained

  1 August 2010

If prostitution doesn't violate contemporary cultural norms, sex activists argue, then why doesn't the law reflect as much? Just a few days after a group in central China took to the street to gather support in a fight for social status for sex workers, the organizer has been detained by police.

Japan: Is it wrong to climb Mount Fuji empty-handed?

  1 August 2010

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it matter if it made a sound or not when the tree was doing its own thing? A Japanese blogger ponders mountains, morals, and messages in a Japanese post titled "Is it wrong to climb Mount Fuji empty-handed?"

Russia: Towns and Villages on Fire

RuNet Echo  1 August 2010

Hundreds of forest and peat fires are raging across central Russia. The organization of the firefighting effort has been inadequate in many cases, and local residents often choose to self-mobilize and defend nearby towns and villages with whatever means they happen to have at their disposal.

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