Qatar: Expats Question Future Plans

The Gulf Cooperation Council, which comprises Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, has an estimated 13 million foreign workers, who make up about 40 per cent of its population. Out of Qatar's population of 1.69m people, 200,000 are believed to be locals.

Almost all workers return to their countries after their work contracts end. At Qatar Living, expatriates attempt to answer the inevitable question: What will they do when they return home?

Filipino Obed Castro Jr kicks off the discussion saying:

I am a Filipino who have stayed here in Qatar for almost 9 years happy to say that my stay here has been fruitful, I manage to have my own house and maybe save a little, now i am deciding to go back to my native country, but what will i do when i am back..same to all other nationalities “what will you do with your life after Qatar”

Drmana is quick to answer:

Place of living would change but life would go on normally as in Qatar…..

afrinnabees adds:

no yet thought abt of now Back home is just vacation Spot……..

And Frexie reminds the readers:

for sure your gonna miss the busy life.. You know all things are uncertain.. but its never bad to prepare for something.. so i guess better plan up if your goin home for good…

ochiha says after five and half years in Qatar, she doesn't miss living in her country:

people say that it is amazing to return to your home country and relax, but honestly, I do not feel like that. sure I miss my family, but I really do not miss living in my home country.

is that weird or many people feel the same way
I have been here 5.5 Years already

ex.ex.expat retorts:

whether you miss it or not. If your standard of living and chance for employment is better here, why wouldn't you want to stay until you see the situation in your homeland improve?

And foolish suggests venturing into business:

Why don't you start a small business; be a boss once in your life lol. I'm venturing now on egg production and it's going good. Am planning to go home maybe next year, if my business will go better.

arymoceana supports the idea and reasons:

Sometimes going back scares us the most because we have missed a lot things in our country.We think that so many things changed already there and we may not adjust easily, when the truth is it's us being here in a different culture that has changed a lot.

Try to relax first, enjoy your hard earned money. But make sure you do have a plan to sustain yourself and your family. You know how it is in the Philippines, money flows like water, and you being an OFW everybody thinks you brought a sack full of QR.

Honestly, its more practical that while here, we do start a business in our countries then if its doing okay then that is the time to make a decision to come home. O well, that is just my opinion.

But Mr. Balut cautions those planning to return to their home countries:

1.) Check the economy back home!

2.) Check the crime rate back home!

3.) Check the weather back home!

4.) Check if you have enough money to survive!

5.) Check if once your out of money, your age is right enough to get a good job!

****If the TO DO's don't fit you, better cancel your flight! Go back to work!

If you are a long term resident in one of the GCC countries, what are your long-term plans? What will you do when you return home?


  • The article deals with expats as migrant workers. I think there are huge cultural issues this raises for all concerned.When people say they want to go to my country (UK) it is not because they love or even like my culture. In fact, they probably want very little to do with it. For them, it is merely a set of coordinates on a map in which money can be made. There is a discussion to be had about what effect this has on a host culture and also in the psyches of those who uprooted themselves.

    But there are other expats who settle in another culture not primarily to make money but because they value something about the culture in which they have settled. As someone who is trying to make his home in Ghana, I have no thoughts about returning to the UK. My new life is a ‘turning my back’ on a set of cultural values that I wish to have no part of.

    I think we need to make the distinction between migrant workers; expats on short term contracts who either want adventure, or want to help others (or see big money); and those who became expat because they found a culture whose values they could subscribe to.

  • John

    Looks like global voices only use Qatar living as a source when they should be looking at other communities as well like Qatar social, explore Qatar,, Qatar visitor, etc….

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