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Indonesia’s fashion bloggers

The top bloggers in Indonesia are fashion and lifestyle bloggers who are mostly young ladies. Who are they and why are they popular?

Multibrand notes that blogs have increased in Indonesia and the most popular blogs deal with fashion

…since the blog was introduced in Indonesia in the early 2000, the number of bloggers has increased three times in 2009.

What's interesting is that according to Indonesia Matters, the only site that provide blog ranking, the chart toppers are fashion bloggers who are mostly young ladies

Maverick points to the shift in the themes chosen by young bloggers

There has been a shift on what’s popular among blogs though. In the early years the most popular blogs were IT-based blogs. Then came public affairs and socio-politics, together with personal journals about daily life.

In 2009, however, blogs dedicated to hobbies and lifestyles, particularly fashion, started to take off.

Diana Rikasari, the most popular fashion blogger in Indonesia, is also the #1 blogger in the ranking of Indonesia Matters.

From the blog of Diana Rikasari

Evita Nuh is another famous fashion blogger. She is only 11 years old.

me, moi! I'm a girl and just turn 11 this year, ( yes people not 10 or 9 again, I'm 11! ) :D I'm all about fashion and photography, well i still got long road to walk… wish me luck ok! :D

I have facination with fashion ( soo much! )
I dress for express
not impress
I base most of my fashion taste on

what doesn't itch

I know the difference between

the good and bad fabric very well
itchy come with the bad fabric
trust me, my skin dont lie

dandan pol explains the link of fashion and internet

In term of stuffs, you could get fashion stuffs cheaper and easier by buying it online in which leads us to the Internet phase. Regarding fashion and lifestyle Twitter accounts, Twitter accommodates us in term of easiness of sharing links with others. The phenomenon of fashion and lifestyle blogger also supported by magazines that keep putting young bloggers and online shops in their articles and in return, it creates buzz among the people.

Nena comments on the rise of fashion bloggers

…the rise of fashion bloggers reflect our society now – more attracted to something “light”, practical, and that fashion resonates more with them than other issues. Perhaps it’s also related to the rise of creative people in the Indonesian fashion scene as well?

colson highlights a good point: Indonesian girls rule!

Well, if this is true, it is a good omen. It shows blogging isn't dead, it is alive and kicking ( in Indonesia). And – perhaps even more important-Indonesian girls rule.

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