21 July 2010

Stories from 21 July 2010

Could Nigeria become a one-party state?

  21 July 2010

Could Nigeria turn into a one-party states?” “There is nothing more dangerous for a developing democracy than for it's citizens to have no idea of when the next elections will be. For some reason, in this, the 21st century, that is indeed the case for Nigeria.”

Israel: Conviction of “rape by deceit”

Sabar Kashur, an Arab resident of East Jerusalem, was charged with rape for posing as a Jewish bachelor in order to seduce a woman. He has been convicted to 18 months prison. His conviction has proved controversial with many outraged at the judge's decision; others feel it is the correct application of the law. In this post, Katharine Ganly presents some of these opinions.

Accessing Facebook in Vietnam

  21 July 2010

The Vietnam Reform Party has uploaded a document giving instructions to internet users on how to access Facebook in Vietnam. There have been many instances when some websites, including Facebook, are blocked in Vietnam.

Vietnam: Proposed human rights agenda

  21 July 2010

The Vietnam Reform Party has advised U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who will visit Vietnam this week, to raise human rights issues with the Vietnam government. The group also highlighted the need to combat web censorship.

Myanmar: Martyr's Day celebration 2010

  21 July 2010

An opposition booklet poem was distributed by dissident groups inside Myanmar to mark the annual celebration of the Martyr's Day. The event commemorates the 1947 assassination of independence leaders.

Poland: Confusing conspiracies

Polandian sighs at all rumours and confusing conspiracy theories drifting about in Polish society, following the tragic planecrash that took the life of the country's president and a large chunk of its political élite earlier this year.

Information Bridging on the Case of Tibetan Environmentalist Karma Samdrup

  21 July 2010

The case of Tibetan environmentalist, businessman and philanthropist Karma Samdrup, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison on June 24, 2010 by a court in Xinjiang, has been highly unusual in that those monitoring the case were able to see events unfolding almost in real time thanks to constant blog and Twitter updates by his wife and lawyer.

Puerto Rico: the CAC games begin

  21 July 2010

The Central American and Caribbean Games are under way in Puerto Rico. Gil the Jenius criticises the organisers for “mismanagement” and “incompetence”, and reports on the controversial use of hidden cameras for surveillance of protesters by the police.

Trinidad and Tobago: recycled jeans

  21 July 2010

Trinidadian artist and designer Richard Rawlins posts images of his “Bag Project”, turning discarded pairs of jeans into one-of-a-kind bags. Jeans are “the great unifier”, he writes.