20 July 2010

Stories from 20 July 2010

Zambia: Meet Zambian Citizen Broadcasters

  20 July 2010

The media in Zambia is being turned on its head as bloggers and citizen broadcasters enter the media space. Independent news websites and blogs by Zambians are springing up all the time. In this post by our new Zambian author, Gershom Ndhlovu, you will meet three Zambian citizen broadcasters who run regular shows online using BlogTalkRadio (BTR) technology.

Tanzania: Support Movement Against Serengeti Highway

  20 July 2010

Say no to plans by the Tanzanian government to build a highway cutting through a protected wilderness area of the Serengeti National Park: @TEDxDar strtd a hme-grown grp of organizers to solicit support against serengeti highway. Join the mailing list: save.serengeti.tz@gmail 1:26 AM Jul 19th via web

Lebanon: The Rule of Dinosaurs

Shortly after the recent cyber censorship incidents in Lebanon, the term "The Rule of Dinosaurs" started to be used by the e-activists in their campaign against this invasion of their cyberspace. Lebanese blogger Tony explains what it means.

Russia: Roadtrip to Caucasus

Popular bloggers tema [RUS], nl [RUS] and others [RUS] (9 bloggers in 3 cars) post pictures and short notes from the roadtrip to Caucasus, that started on July 15th, 2010. So far, they travelled through the North Caucasus republics and are planning to go to Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.

South Korea:Lawmaker Under Fire For His Sexist Remarks

  20 July 2010

South Korea's 480 news announcers are preparing for a gigantic lawsuit against a ruling party's lawmaker on his sexist remarks. Grand National Party's lawmaker, Kang Yong-seok said to a female announcer aspirant in a dinner meeting with college students that she will have to give her ‘everything’ for the job,...

Japan: Rice paddy art

  20 July 2010

Pink Tentacle published several pictures [en] of wonderful examples of rice crop art, “which is created by carefully arranging different colors of rice plants in the field.”

Russia: Memorial memento

LJ user shoorman notes [RUS] that the liberal St. Petersburg Yabloko youth organization has beaten the region's communists to placing a memorial placard to a local communist on a building he used to live in. An adjoining photo illustrates that the functionary's key accomplishment – according to Yabloko youth –...

Hungary: Turning crisis into advantage

Eva Balogh of Hungarian Spectrum argues that the Hungarian government, led by Viktor Orbán, is turning the failed negotiations with the IMF and the EU, leading to fears of an economic meltdown, into its advantage by portraying it domestically as a David's struggle against Goliath.

Australians Want More Than Election Slogans

  20 July 2010

Just twenty-three days after deposing Kevin Rudd, Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called a general election for 21 August. The Oz blogosphere is looking for substance not just spin in this campaign.

Vietnam: Power and water woes

  20 July 2010

SaigonNezumi is hoping that the monsoon rains would arrive soon to ease the power and water shortages in Vietnam. He notes that many buildings in Hanoi and Saigon now have gas powered generators.

Vietnam: Cat Cafe

  20 July 2010

Ailu Coffee Cat is a cafe shop in Hanoi intended for cat lovers. The young owner of the cafe promotes the shop through facebook.

Brazil: Daily Violence Against Women

  20 July 2010

In Brazil, 10 women are assassinated everyday. The recent assassination of a woman by the alleged father of her baby, and a promising young Brazilian goalkeeper, has sparked the conversation in the blogsphere about violence against women.

Peru: Peruvian Chicken Day

  20 July 2010

Globalizado informs [es] his readers that July 18 is Peruvian Chicken day (“pollo a la brasa” in Spanish). It is the first time that Peruvians celebrate this day in honor of a dish which the National Institute of Culture considers one of the culinary specialties of Peru. The blogger includes...