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Egypt: Men and Women You Shouldn't Date

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It all started when the famous Egyptian blogger and tweep, Sandmonkey [1], sent the following two updates on Twitter.

@Sandmonkey [2]: Women whose favorite movie is the little mermaid. #womenyoushouldntdate [3]
@Sandmonkey [4]: Women whose favorte author is Paulo Coelho. #womenyoushouldntdate [3]

And for sure the other blogger and feminist, Lastoadri [5], didn't allow such an opportunity to go without responding with her list of “Men You Shouldn't Date [6]“.

And all of a sudden, male and female tweeps – even ones outside Egypt – declared a gender war on each other, a war the took place on Twitter last Thursday via those two hashtags, #womenyoushouldntdate [3] and #menyoushouldntdate [6].

Here are some of the best tweets sent then:

It's all about the television

Any couple will sure spend a valuable part of their lives in front of the television, so what they like and dislike, and the way they deal with the TV set plays an important role in choosing their better halves.

@Lastoadri [7]: And God father trilogy // RT @avilarenata [8] Men who memorized The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Star Wars dialogues #menyoushouldntdate
@egpod [9]: Women who don't think the Godfather trilogy is Legendary.and who spell it “god father” #womenyoushouldntdate
@mazloum [10]: Women who find video games childish. #womenyoushouldntdate
@Sandmonkey [11]: Women who think they can touch the remote control when you are watching TV #womenyoushouldntdate
@Lastoadri [12]: Men who die to control the remote control.. #Menyoushouldntdate
@hiperkarma [13]: Guys and girls with low or no compatibility with you on Last.FM [14] #womenyoushouldntdate #menyoushouldntdate

It's TV, then everything else
After TV, come bad – or good – habits, personal hygiene issues, and many other things.

@TarikSalama [15]: Women that consider bikini waxing is a summer activity only #womenyoushouldntdate
@EngyG [16]: I had to add this though, men who think they can scratch or adjust their balls/penis in public lol #menyoushouldntdate
@NoraYounis [17]: Men who think deodorants take care of everything #menyoushouldntdate
@laylaanwar [18]: Can't miss that one though – Men with 20 tons of hair gel on and/or who wear white socks #menyoushouldntdate
@avilarenata [19]: Men who smoke cigars and pipes. #Menyoushouldntdate
@miqla3 [20]: #MenYouShouldntDate , gym junkies, football heads and car racing freaks!
@marionnette90 [21]: #menyoushouldntdate those who are prettier than you!
@Wild_atHeart [22]: Men who think girls in tight jeans deserve to be harassed though their boxers are showing #Menyoushouldntdate
@ramikh81 [23]: Who ask you about ur horoscope #womenyoushouldntdate
@Hisham_G [24]: Women who think “Who's your daddy?” is a multiple choice question :) #womenyoushouldntdate

Wisdom of the Crowds
Some might consider the above tweets, along with the previous Syrian [25] and Jordanian [26] blog posts [27], a true source of wisdom, while some others sure strongly disagree.

@TravellerW [28]: I must say, there is an infinite amount of wisdom in the #womenyoushouldntdate / #menyoushouldntdate discussion. Is someone taking notes?
@Omar_Yusuf [29]: Read #womenyoushouldntdate and #menyoushouldntdate .. and no one will ever date anyone :))
@ehaitham [30]: #womenyoushouldntdate judgmental gals who spend time tweeting #menyoushouldntdate while they should mind their own personal flaws!

Warning! Do Not Try This At Home!
And finally, we have to warn you that such tweets and blog posts are just for fun.

@Lastoadri [31]: Men who took the #menyoushouldntdate hashtag seriously.. #menyoushouldntdate