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Bahrain: Stubbing it Out!

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With the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan [1] (month of fasting) fast approaching, Bahraini blogger Tawfeeq Al Rayash [2]is hitting two birds with one stone. He is fasting for three months and kicking off smoking after a wake up call from his daughter.

The blogger announces:

قررت أن أبدأ صيام ثلاث شهور متواصلة رجب شعبان ورمضان ، وهذا القرار لا يرجع الى اي جزاء أو كفارة !!! بل هو رغبة طالما راودتني منذ سنين ولكن لم تكن الظروف مواتية حيث كان السفر عائق لمواصلة اي صيام. إلا أن هذا الصيام جاء في أشهر شديدة الحرارة والرطوبة …. ربي يصبرني !! وإتخذت معه قرار كبير جداً في حياتي وهو التوقف نهائيا عن التدخين ، لمن لا يعلم فأنا مدخن شره (عشرون سيجارة في اليوم) ولمدة ١٨ سنة متواصلة يعني الرئة راحت عليها
I have decided to fast for three continuous months - Rajab [3], Sha'ban [4] and Ramadan. And this decision is not as a punishment or a penalty of atonement!! It is a wish I have had for years but circumstances were not right as my travels were an obstacle. However, my fasting comes in the hottest and most humid months. May Allah give me patience! Along with this decision, I have taken a major decision in my life and that is to give up smoking forever. For those who do not know me, I have been a compulsive smoker (20 cigarettes a day) for the past 18 years and this means that my lungs are suffering

Many pious Muslims fast for three months, including Ramadan, as an extra form of worship.

Al Rayash also elaborates on his decision to stub it out by saying:

ويعود السبب الرئيسي للقرار الأخير هو أن إبنتي الصغيرة وإبنتة خالها توقعو موتي اذا استمريت في التدخين !!! وعليه جاء هذا القرار ولكن ليس بسبب الخوف من الموت بل لأن إبنتي بدأت تشاهدني وأنا ادخن !!! حيث إنني وطوال فترة تدخيني لم اتجرأ ….إحتراماً وليس خوفاً من أن أدخن أمام ابي أو أمي ولم إدخن داخل بيتي ، قررت أن أترك التدخين خوفاً من إنتقال هذه العادة الى الجيل القادم من سلالتي

فلاتنسوني من الدعاء

The main reason for my last decision is because my youngest daughter and her cousin have anticipated my death if I don't stop smoking!! This is why I decided to give it up – not because of my fear of death but because my daughter has been observing me smoke!! Throughout my years of smoking, I have never dared once to smoke in front of my parents ..not out of fear but because of my respect for this. I have also never smoked inside the house.

I have decided to give up smoking out of concern that this habit gets transferred to the next generation.

Don't forget me in your prayers.