13 July 2010

Stories from 13 July 2010

Costa Rica: The Power of Blogs

  13 July 2010

H3dicho from ticoblogger.com writes [es] about the power of blogs, ending with an analysis of blogging in Costa Rica: “In Costa Rica blogs have become so important that traditional media and the politicians that govern us are constantly monitoring what we write.”

Paraguay: The president's alleged tweets

  13 July 2010

FERNANDO LUGO, the president of Paraguay, denies writing messages to an opposition senator on Twitter. This raises two questions: How easy is it to confirm an identity on a social network, and how plausible is the president’s denial?

Mozambique: Fallout from US blacklisting

  13 July 2010

Last month, the US Treasury listed Mozambican businessman Mohamed Bachir for alleged links to drug trade, freezing some of his assets. Roughly 700 other people are listed worldwide. Bachir owns Maputo Shopping Center and is politically well connected. Blog Ma-shamba analyzes the impacts [Pt]. Rapper Azagaia recorded “Arrrrri!” in response, and has...

Uruguay: La Celeste is Received by Multitude in Montevideo

  13 July 2010

On Tuesday July 13, the Uruguayan football team traveled on a bus around Montevideo as fans took over the streets to congratulate and wave to the soccer stars which ended 4th in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Agarrate Montevideo [es] posts a couple of pictures of the event, and links...

Europe, U.S.A.: Poll on Burqa Ban Shows Opposite Viewpoints

  13 July 2010

The blog EU-logos about European affairs reflects (fr) on a recent poll by the Pew Research Center that shows a widespread support in European countries for a  burqa ban whereas such proposal would be rejected by 65% of voters in the U.S [Fr].  The blog suggests that such transatlantic polls...

Iran: Strike in Bazaar

Several bloggers such as unity4iran reported that a strike in Tehran's main bazaar in protest against higher taxes has entered its second week. You can see photos of closed shops here.

Mexico: Technology Changing the Spanish Language

  13 July 2010

Jesus analyzes [es] how Internet users have modified the Spanish language to fit new technologies; for example, referring to a person that uses Twitter as a “twittero,” or Spanish-speaking users writing “lol” when they chat.

Brazil: Jokes and the World Cup Octopus

  13 July 2010

Many Brazilian bloggers started making jokes with the ability of an octopus named Paul to “predict” the results of many matches of the 2010 FIFA Wolrd Cup, incluiding the one of the final match. The funny images can be found here, here, here and here and a website was also...

Russia: Picnic at Putin's dacha

LJ user na6ludatelb tells about [RUS] a visit to Putin's old dacha outside of St. Petersburg, forming into a crowd of local dacha owners using their right to public property, and posts plenty of commemorative pictures.

Bangladesh: Coming Home

  13 July 2010

Rawi at Alternarrative writes about what it feels like coming home to one’s desher bari (native village or hometown) in Bangladesh.

Bahrain: Stubbing it Out!

With the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan (month of fasting) fast approaching, Bahraini blogger Tawfeeq Al Rayash is hitting two birds with one stone. He is fasting for three months and kicking off smoking after a wake up call from his daughter.

Cuba: True Freedom

  13 July 2010

Uncommon Sense applauds the political prisoners who “refuse ‘freedom’ if it means having to leave Cuba” saying: “They are the ones who are truly free.”