8 July 2010

Stories from 8 July 2010

Guinea Bissau: “Kilimanjaro” of Waste

  8 July 2010

Aly Silva sarcastically announces the Kilimanjaro from Bissau, referring to what he believes to be the biggest pile of garbage in Africa, where even crocodiles can be found. The so-called mountain has been growing along a road in the capital of the Guinea Bissau – a country that doesn't have...

India: The White Privilege

  8 July 2010

Our Delhi Struggle, a blog of a New York couple living in India, discuss whether the couple have ever enjoyed “the white privilege” in India.

Maldives: Political Deadlock

  8 July 2010

Haumaldives comments on the recent political crisis in Maldives: “it is time the Maldivian people intervene; end the political crisis, end the one man rule that has brought an end to not only the Executive but also halted the function of the Parliament.”

Cuba: Ready for Release?

  8 July 2010

As news circulates of Cuba's intention to release 52 political prisoners, Guillermo Fariñas, who has gone on a hunger strike to protest the detainment of 25 prisoners of conscience that he says "the homeland needs as leaders", is reportedly close to death.

Diaspora and Development in the Francophone World

  8 July 2010

The diaspora of the developing countries worldwide is often mentioned as a potential driving factor for poverty reduction and the francophone region is no exception. Still, the suggested policies involving the diaspora are not without challenges and require more avenues for discussion between all development actors

Nigeria: The Facebook Page of Nigeria's President

  8 July 2010

Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan is now on Facebook. He opened his page to communicate with Nigerians at home and abroad on 28 June. He sends regular messages spelling out his vision for Nigeria, and responds to comments from his followers. The page has already attracted 97,443 followers.

Russia-Belarus: Godfather of refused offers

Is it a deliberate provocation, a government-engineered attack on a foreign head of state, a gas-giant's attempt to rock Russian foreign policy - or simply an example of good and critical journalism? Questions abound in the Russian-language blogosphere following Russian TV-channel NTV's 4 July screening of "The Godfather" - a documentary about Aleksandr Lukashenko, omnipotent president of neighbouring Belarus.

Bahamas, Turks & Caicos: Political Future?

  8 July 2010

“The Turks & Caicos Islands…are politically and financially destitute, and no-one knows when or how they will be able to climb out of the hole”: Bahama Pundit‘s Larry Smith wonders what's in store for their neighbour.

Puerto Rico: On Probation

  8 July 2010

Repeating Islands republishes an article which examines the recent University of Puerto Rico students’ strike “and points to pressure on the University to make its procedures clear and its budget available to the public.”

Barbados: Where is the Justice?

  8 July 2010

“Where is the outrage? Where is the accountability for the incompetent prosecutors and managers…?”: Barbados Free Press takes the justice system to task for its inadequate response to prosecuting child rapists.

Sri Lanka: United Nations Office Under Siege

  8 July 2010

A Sri Lankan cabinet minister and a leader of the political party NFF began a hunger strike outside the UN office in Colombo to protest against an UN panel set up to probe allegations of war crimes during the civil war. On 6th of July, the NFF surrounded the UN compound in Colombo and today is the 3rd day of the siege.

Kuwait: My Blog is for Sale

As expected, news in a local newspaper that the Kuwaiti government is studying a proposal to monitor blogs did not go well with bloggers. One popular blogger decided to confront the news head on - announcing that his blog was for sale. Readers took the opportunity to vent.

Iraq: Emperor Nero is in Baghdad

Emperor Nero is in Baghdad, writes IraqPundit. “The politicians are still arguing four months after the elections. They are supposed to seat a government by next week, but nobody here believes they can get it together by then,” he adds.

Lebanon: Three Arrested for Facebook Postings

Lebanese Naim George Hanna, 27, Antoine Youssef Ramya, 29, and Shebel Rajeh Qassab, 27, have been arrested for posting Facebook statuses against the Lebanese President Michel Suleiman. The Lebanese online community is outraged because of the invasion of their cyberspace and here are some of their reactions.

Serbia: Bloggers Make Health Care Scandal A Personal Affair

It would seem that Serbia’s bloggers have officially joined the ranks of citizen journalism. This week, just some 48 hours after several Serbian bloggers united to demand the resignation of Serbia’s Minister of health, Tomica Milosavljevic, whom many hold responsible for the corrupt state of medical practice in public health...