Argentina: Journalists Ignore Events in President's Province

El Artilero accuses [es] Argentinean journalists of ignoring the events that occur in the province of Santa Cruz, where former president Néstor Kirchner (and husband of current president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner) is originally from. The blogger lists 20 stories from Santa Cruz the press has ignored.


  • The president, who helped the law’s chances by bringing two senators opposed to gay marriage with her on a state visit to China, spoke out from there against the Catholic Church’s campaign and the tone she said some religious groups have taken.

    “It’s very worrisome to hear words like ‘God’s war’ or ‘the devil’s project,’ things that recall the times of the Inquisition,” she said.
    Yahoo News July 15 2010

    We have lived through the Hitler’s Germany, and Stalin’s Soviet Union where millions were killed, not to mention other atrocities and crisis in this century and this woman wants to cry about the Inquistion? Did you know that it was the State that delivered the sentences not the Church. She should be afraid because she insist on actiing against God. The comedy is that the State really does not have the power to legitimize a marriged at all. It is only a legal agreement concerning property at best, but two people of the same sex can not be said to be married, they are unmaritable. How can two people who cannot properly engage each other sexually be married? It is like two horse’s tied together by their tails, rather than hitching the wagon to the horse.

    To be clear, the Inquistion was a legal procedure, not one historic event. It spanned hundreds of years from the 11th century at least to the 19th century. People who try to speak about the Inquistion in this way are like people who profess to know Latin or French because they know one word. Yet when someone truely conversant in that language tries to speak to them they can not hold a conversation.

  • Peter

    I am disappointed to read what David has to say. The Roman Catholic Church leaders have taken responsibility for the Inquisition, and to split hairs about state or church decision making is to deny the alliance that existed between both. The President was clearly drawing attention to the intolerance and heavy handedness of the higher clergy of the Ronan Catholic Church – past and present. There was no obligation to make comparisons with Hitler (Austrian Catholic) or Stalin – another leader from a country with a Christian history.

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