6 July 2010

Stories from 6 July 2010

Paraguay: Tobacco Smoke-Free Day

  6 July 2010

Interparaguay [es] writes that, for the first time, Paraguay is celebrating the “Día Nacional Libre de Humo de Tabaco” (Tobacco Smoke-Free National Day) on July 6, marking the day when the National Parliament ratified an International Treaty to control tobacco.

Pakistan: The Pakistanis In The Mirror

  6 July 2010

Faisal Kapadia at Deadpan Thoughts analyzes the fragmentation of the Pakistani society into different groups and how they are placing the blame on each other instead of joining hands to tackle the grave problems in the country.

Cape Verde: Behind the Concept of National Branding

  6 July 2010

Bloggers from Cape Verde have been discussing the originality of the logo which resulted from a national tourism branding competition: some say it lacks quality, others question its link with the national identity. In response, designer Rafael Fernandes created a blog to explain the concept.

Morocco: Public Toilets Under Scrutiny

Moroccan blogger Big Brother Maroc [Fr] reports on the launch of Bitelma [Fr] (which translates to Water Closet), a website that invites visitors to publish pictures of “the worst public toilets in the country” listed by city and address (train stations, bars, restaurants, malls, universities…) in an effort “to pressure...

Barbados: economic crisis?

  6 July 2010

Barbados Underground posts an analysis of a recent speech by former prime minister Owen Arthur, on the current economic situation in the Caribbean. “In the midst of this economic disaster where are our leaders, where are the voices speaking to this unprecedented crisis, educating our people to its consequences?”

Jamaica: LGBT rights protest

  6 July 2010

gspottt reports on a protest staged by J-Flag (the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-sexuals and Gays) at the recent CARICOM (Caribbean Community) heads of government meeting in Jamaica, “because of the continued presence of anti-buggery laws … which contribute to discrimination, marginalization and other serious human rights violations of CARICOM...

Bahamas: national pride

  6 July 2010

Nicolette Bethel reports on the recent popularity of Bahamas National Pride Day: “a step or two towards understanding ourselves and our country, the fact that we the people made the choice to celebrate our nationality and took matters into our own hands.”

Bermuda: water worries

  6 July 2010

“Water. It's hard to believe that this, the most basic of resources is still a major issue for so many Bermudians.” Tales from the Triangle's Tip worries about resource management and other social concerns.

Russia: Internet Draft Bill Published Online

Robert Shlegel, a “United Russia” [EN] party member and a political blogger, published [RUS] a new Internet draft bill. According to the draft, that mainly consists of updates for the current law “On Information, Information Technologies and Data Protection,” Russia has a jurisdiction to prosecute anyone suspected in committing online crimes against its...

France: A Concert in Support of Illegal Immigrants

  6 July 2010

« Rock Sans Papiers » a concert in support of illegal immigrants in France will be held in Paris (Bercy) on September 18, 2010 [Fr]. Many household names in the French music scene  such as Jacques Higelin and Abd Al Malick have committed to participating.

Russia: Political Regime as a Model for Social Network

User art_of_press ironically compares [RUS] Facebook to its clone Vkontakte, Russia's most popular social network. His conclusion: Vkontakte's model reminds current political regime. Vkontakte changes Terms of Service without informing users, doesn't allow content from third-party sources, allows only pre-moderated applications, and tends to create an isolated “Internet inside the Internet”.

China: Citizen statement on his detention at the police station

  6 July 2010

Artists Yang Licai and Wu Yuren was detained by police when they filed a report on the confiscation of electricity generator in the 798 art district by the property management. However, Yang was detained for 10 days while Wu remain missing. Yang describes what had happened in a citizen statement.

USA-Russia: START as strategic mistake

Pavel Podvig of Russian strategic nuclear forces comments on Republican Party critique levelled at US President Obama for the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia, designed to cut down the overall number of nuclear warheads of the two powers.

Ghana: Africa's Time That Never Was

  6 July 2010

African bloggers are expressing their sentiments about the sad exit of the only hope of Africa’s team (Ghana Black Stars) at the 2010 FIFA Word Cup. Ghana lost to Uruguay in a dramatic game that ended in a penalty shootout.

Hungary: Setback for new government

Eva Balogh of Hungarian Spectrum discusses the recent setback for the country's new Orbán government, as the constitutional court has found the ruling party's proposal on a “Manifesto of National Cooperation” in breach of the separation of state powers.

Computer Crime Act of Thailand

  6 July 2010

Sinfah Tunsarawuth and Toby Mendel published a review of the controversial Computer Crime Act of Thailand which is used by the government to block thousands of websites.