1 July 2010

Stories from 1 July 2010

Kyrgyzstan: Lying Satellites and Political Course

Nathan Hamm opines on the political situation in Kyrgyzstan, which has conducted constitutional referendum last Sunday. “Voters cast their ballots for peace and stability”, and legitimization of interim government shall become a first step to settling the enormous list of issues.

Haiti: From Delmas

  1 July 2010

“It’s bleak, it’s dark, macabre and It stinks”: ~/zaboka reports on present conditions in Delmas.

Bermuda: Unsuitable

  1 July 2010

Vexed Bermoothes is concerned that the government plans to “forge ahead with [the] plan to take over Bermuda’s municipal corporations, replacing their elected officials with an appointed board.”

Pakistan: Website Monitoring Continues

  1 July 2010

As per a recent court ruling the Pakistan government has decided to keep a close eye on popular websites including Google, Youtube, Facebook, Hotmail which could be posting blasphemous content objectionable to Muslims. Pakistani bloggers react.

Fiji: Will new media laws lead to better reporting?

  1 July 2010

Claiming it will introduce media transparency and responsible reporting, Fiji’s government enacted new media rules, establishing a code of conduct for journalists, strengthening local ownership stipulations and creating a set of fines and prison terms to be levied against reporters and media institutions for potentially breaking guidelines.

Puerto Rico: Student strike is over after 60 days

  1 July 2010

It has been described as a historic victory. In national student assembly, thousands of students of the state-run University of Puerto Rico (UPR) ratified the agreements reached between the students' National Negotiating Committee (NNC) and the university's administration ending a strike that lasted over 60 days and paralyzed ten of the 11 campuses of the UPR.

Jordan: Made in Israel

Seeing Israel-made products continues to raise alarm across Arab countries. Osama Al Romoh from Jordan expresses his shock (Ar) when he learns that a leading university is offering students graduation robes wrapped in Israel-made bags.

Armenia: Homophobia PR defensive

Following the recent controversy surround a music video clip which contained elements that many considered homophobic, Unzipped: Gay Armenia updates readers by saying the band, VO.X, is now on the defensive and has launched a damage-limitation PR exercise in response. The blog, however, remains unimpressed and says that “being a...

Colombia: Blogs About Colombian Literature

  1 July 2010

Colombian literature is known around the world because of authors like Gabriel García Márquez and his book "One Hundred Years of Solitude". However, he has become almost the only Colombian author that is referenced when speaking on this subject; but on the web one can find blogs dedicated to discussing other authors and Colombian literature in general.

Russia: Gay Rights

A Good Treaty writes about “the sad state of gay rights in Russia” and highlights opposition activist Oleg Kozlovsky's reaction to a mention of the Solidarnost movement in a blog post about the “small, brief” gay pride march in Moscow: “He was angry that they claimed ‘representative(s) of Solidarnost’’ had...