1 July 2010

Stories from 1 July 2010

Japan: The art of cutting paper

  1 July 2010

Japanstyle dedicates a post [en] to kamikiri, one of the traditional crafts that uses paper and that is also a stage performance. Attached to the post a video where popular kamikiri artist Hayashiya Imamaru creates splendid silhouettes with scissors and paper.

Russia: Hackers Provoke Closure of the Major News Website

Several articles of Ura.ru, one of the major media outlets, had been significantly transformed by unknown hackers, kommersant.ru reported [RUS]. Aksana Panova, executive editor of the portal, suggested, hackers added severe critics towards regional and federal authorities in order to provoke Roskomnadzor [EN] to issue a legal notice, which might...

Russia: Human Rights Website Hacked and Blocked

First page of Prison.org, a website Moscow Center for Prison Reform, of one of the oldest Russian human rights NGOs, had been hacked, Russ.ru reported [RUS]. The content of the website hasn't been deleted, however, users can't access the website and are constantly forwarded to Yandex.ru search engine instead. Russ.ru suggests...

Nepal: Prime Minister Resigns

  1 July 2010

Nepali Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal announced his resignation yesterday in a live televised speech. Mr. Nepal's resignation brings an end to a long political stalemate in Nepal.

Bhutan: Archery In Question

  1 July 2010

When a Bhutanese parliamentarian was struck by an arrow recently, an intense debate ensued on the need to regulate archery, the national sport of Bhutan. Dorji Wangchuk opines that “archery is not just a sport, it is a great socializing exercise.”

Uganda: Election dates set

  1 July 2010

Conserve Uganda writes about election dates: “Nominations for President will be accepted on October 25 and 26, 2010, and the elections for President and Parliament will all happen between February 12 and March 1, 2011.”

Ghana: Racist World Cup Ad

  1 July 2010

Sokari writes about a racist World Cup Ad by German car rental SIXT: “The above advert was sent to me by a friend from Germany which she explains as follows: It is playing various eurocentric, afro-pessimism clichés in relation to the coming Ghana/Germany soccer play.”

Liberia: My life in Liberia

  1 July 2010

Shreya blogs about her life in Liberia: “I inevitably get sick whenever I travel and my trip to Liberia is no different… I had a minor bought of food poisoning on Monday.”

Ghana: Go Ghana Go!

  1 July 2010

James writes about world cup game between Ghana and Uruguay: “The beers and biltong have been bought and the friends all confirmed. All is set for a great day of Football tomorrow! Ghana, Ghana, Ghana – our last hope for an African victory.”