Pakistan: Millat Facebook

Simbsi at Lawanai Sparashawe reviews Millatfacebook, Pakistan's answer to Facebook. An excerpt: “Millatfacebook was a very pathetic attempt to cash in on the anti-Facebook sentiment.”


  • Its a great step against the facebook and we must need that tpye of social network just for muslims thankyou to all th team of

  • Rehana

    Millat Facebook is great and a better experience than mark facebook. What more we do not have to worry about abuse on any religion. well done MFB

  • Time has finally come, what would we do? ….. Surrender is not an option; Fear is never a feasible policy

    It is a matter of the Honor of our Prophet Muhammad (Saww) for whom we can sacrifice everything.

    We do not compromise on the Honor of our Prophet Muhammad (Saww)

    It’s a war we cannot and will NOT lose.

    Let us all be united and l show the World together that YES we CAN & WILL win (InshAllah)

    Mark’s FB and its allies did all they can to try to stop MFB including:

    * Personal threats to MFB team
    * Monetary offers (they don’t know we are Muslims and unlike some of their poodle rulers CANNOT be purchased at any cost).
    * Getting help from CIA and launching persistent and MASSIVE DDOS attacks on YOUR MFB
    * Subversion attacks on Millat
    * Propaganda campaigns against Millat
    * Collaborating with Yahoo, resulting in YAHOO blocking any emails containing Millat’s website link (You can check that yourself)
    * Islamophobic fascist launching global appeals for attacks on Millat

    But Alhamdulillah with Allah’s help and your support we defeated these fascists in their hate-campaigns. All their tactics failed and your MFB kept on going.


    They are pressurizing and bullying our Service Provider in the USA for no legal reason, who are in turn disrupting our services for NO LEGAL REASON.

    It shows their hypocrisy and the reality of their “tolerance”. Where they can only tolerate anything attacking and ridiculing Muslims but even a civilised competition from Muslims in a decent and tolerant manner is not acceptable to them and they want to use all means, from unfair to outright illegal to stop us. This exposes their true face, their tyranny. All the decent people despise such acts by them.

    But they are foolish to think that they can stop us. They don’t know that we do not surrender.

    With Allah’s help and your support we will defeat them again (InshAllah).

    * We are moving our servers (our first preference is any Islamic country with a reliable infrastructure if not than we have the backup option of Russia and China)
    * This way the Zionist Owned FB has NO Influence

    Meanwhile you are appealed to have patience, stay united and fill the new form available on the MFB to show your support and tell the world that we are all UNITED & that YES WE CAN. Your MFB would be back very soon.

    Our message to the world is:

    Yes we are MUSLIMS, Ambassadors of peace and we are NOT terrorists.

  • kaka muna

    mfb has been a symbolic attempt and not a pathetic one. If somebody wants to sell his or her data to a jew and remember you can’t even delete you account on facebook. I don’t trust fb at all…they supported the muhammed draw page themselves..if somebody remains there will be called stupid person.

  • noor

    Aslaam U Alikum

    Stay away from MillatFacebook. They’re just using name of Allah and collecting money.

    MillatFacebook banning Muslims and blocking Muslim websites. They clearly state that don’t try to promote other Muslim websites here at MillatFacebook.

    I shocked to read the news that MillatFacebook need $50,000 donation to run the website. Are they going to launch Millatfacebook on moon

  • Ayesha

    dey r doin all dis 2 mke it even mre bttr,dey made millat facebook in sme days as an answer 2 da blasphemy where fb was created in a year or two,,bt one can expect dis response from pessimists like you..

  • noor


    If you not in staff of millat facebook, here is answer of your post…you will see there face soon.

    Go and promote any islamic website there, you will get your answer in ban. We all promoted Millatfacebook, when its launched but why they are not allowing in their website

  • imran

    Birth and Launch of Millat Facebook:
    Millat FB was launched by a team of Pakistani Muslims by working round the clock within just 2-3 days and Launched it Globally
    Mark Zukerberg’s Zionist FB which took YEARS to develop and ran as a prototype for years. Than was registered in 1997 and it wasn’t until a YEAR LATER in 1998 that they could formally launch it.
    Response and Growth:
    Within 15 Days MFB had over 318,000 members forming its community
    FB who in the ENTIRE FIRST MONTH could manage ONLY 3,000
    World Ranking:
    The most reputable internet stats provider Alexa Ranked MFB 18,860th site out of over 6 BILLION WEBSITES within JUST One and a Half week.
    The Zionist owned FB which took 6 years to gain popularity
    Visit and join us:

  • salam noor ur lieing i have been posting my islamic website on MFB since long time and no one baned me or warned me about it (my website -> islamtruereligion)

  • ayesha

    As all of us know that Facebook held competitions for drawing caricatures of Prophet Muhammad, Burn Quran day and many more

    Muslims around the world made Thousands of complaints against these virtual events BUT FaceBook administration did not deleted/ banned these pages and groups.

    In comparison to what they usually do even for very minor violation of Facebook Terms of Services or any posting against Jews.

    Millatfacebook is Pakistan’s very own, first social networking site.
    A site for Muslims by Muslims where sweet & peaceful people of other religions are also welcome so come and join hand in hand.

    Lets encourage this brave step and promote Unity of Muslim Ummah/Millat which is a need of hour
    As nothing could happen neither on earth nor in heavens without His will just to test the Emaan of muslims as He says in sora Mulk Ayah no 1 and 2. that,
    1) Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion, and He is Able to do all things.

    2) Who has created death and life, that He may test you which of you is best in deed. And He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving

    Now our test is to leave Facebook and join MFB , the Muslim’s very own social networking site. Go ahead and read about it on Wikipedia:

    May Allah Shows right path to all of us and bless us with His countless blessings lets join


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