Egypt: Khaled Said – An Emergency Murder by An Emergency Law

Khaled Said before he was tortured

Khaled Said, a 28-year-old Egyptian from the coastal city of Alexandria, was allegedly tortured to death at the hands of two officers who wanted to search him under the emergency law. He asked for a reason or a warrant – they killed him. “The emergency law is a tool in the hands of the executive power to storm many basic rights and freedom guaranteed by the Egyptian Constitution” Explains the International Federation for Human Rights.

We are all Khaled Said is a Facebook page that was created upon his murder condemning police brutality. The creator wrote in Arabic and in English:

خالد محمد سعيد
شاب مصري عنده 28 سنه من منطقة كليوباترا بالاسكندريه
و صاحب مكتب استيراد و تصدير
كان قاعد في سايبر في وقت متاخر بالليل
و دخل بتوع المباحث بيفتشو كل اللي قاعدين باستخدام قانون الطوارئ
خالد اعترض و قال احنا بنتفتش ليه
كان تمن السؤال البرئ ده ان اتنين مخبرين مسكوه و نزلو في ضرب في المحل و في الشارع و في مدخل عماره جنب السايبر قعدو يرزعو وشه في الرخام بتاع السلم و في مدخل العماره الحديد
و خدو جثته و حطوها في البوكس و بعد 15 دقيقه رجعو رموها ف الشارع و مشيو
كل واحد فينا ممكن يكون خالد
حنسكت ؟

It's a tragic story about a young man, he was brutally murdered ! why ? because he refused to be treated inhumanly by two savage Cops who had no right to do what they were doing ; to treat people like sheep and consider the citizens inferior.
The story began on 7th June 2010 when Khaled Saeed went to his usual Internet cafe in Sidigaber …
Then two wild detective cops – Mahmoud Alfallah and Awaad Elmokhber/the detective – ambushed that cafe asking people for their IDs which is totally out of their authority and without legal permission He – Khaled – did reject that way of inhumane treatment and consequently was attacked so viciously , was kicked in his chest and belly severely, and his skull was smashed with the marble bar before all people and witnesses in the cafe while Khaled was bleeding. Then savage cops abducted Khaled and put him inside the police vehicle to continue torturing him to death in the police station. Finally, they threw his corpse in the street to claim that he was attacked by some strangers in order to avoid responsibility.

According to what we have known, there's systematic campaign to terrify the witnesses and prevent them from testifying on what they saw in the cafe….

Khaled's is not and won't be the only case, there are lots of people who had the same fate and disappeared and became dead on arrival.

All of this is a result for the oppression system that Mubarak control Egypt under emergency law which gives the police the upper hands to treat the residents as slaves.

Thus we the group of the change in Egypt supporters urge you to interfere and to force the authorities to investigate and explain what happened to the public and to condemn it strongly.

Wael Nawara says that Khaled was the victim of a rotten constitution:

لم يقتل مخبران خالد
بل قتله دستور معيب
قاتل خالد سيظل طليقاً يضرب ضرباته فيقتل الأبرياء ….
لأننا نظن أن تغيير الدستور من الرفاهيات …
لأننا نظن أن لقمة العيش تستلزم المشي جنب الحيط …
خالد ما كانش في مظاهرة …
خالد كان في كافيه …
واتقتل لما اعترض على طغيان شوية مخبرين كانوا بيقلبوا رواد المقهى …
لأن النظام قاعد بجحافل …
والأمن قاعد بالنظام …
والشعب لا بيجيب ده ولا يعرف يمشي دوكها ولا بيهش ولا بينش …

The two officers did not kill Khaled; he was killed by a flawed constitution.
Khaled's killer will roam freely killing many more because we believe that changing the constitution is a luxury; because we believe that we are better safe and silent than sorry.
Khaled was not captured in a demonstration; he was in an internet cafe.
He was killed for demanding a reason for being searched.
The system is protected by mugs who are responsible for “our security” … and the people can neither fight mugs nor change the system.

Amr Salama – an avid fighter against the emergency law- wrote:

كل جريمة خالد أنه سأل أحد ضباط الشرطة عندما أراد تفتيشه وقال له انت ليه بتفتشني ؟
فتم اقتياده إلى القسم وجرى ما جرى
لنفترض أن خالد أذنب أو اقترف ذنبا ما ، هل هذا يعطى الحق لهؤلاء اشاوس الداخليه بهذا العمل ، أى حق تركوه لهذا الشعب لكى يعترض
Khaled's only crime was asking the officer: Why do you want to search me? This is a crime that calls for being dragged to the station like a criminal and being tortured to death. Let's assume that Khaled did commit some sort of offense, does this give the officers the right to dehumanize him that way? What rights do we have if we do not even have the right to ask and object.

Abdel Rahman Fares mourned Khaled saying:

اللي نفسه أفمه ايه هو مبرر الظابط ؟؟؟ يعني كتب ايه في المحضر مش فاهم ؟
كتب ان المواطن ضرب نفسه ؟؟؟
كتب ان جت له أزمة قلبية
ده فجر علني ، مين فاجر ابن فاجر ولا فاجره عمل كده ؟؟؟ انا اعرف ان الضرب عشان ماحدش يمسك حاجة ع الظابط بيكون مؤلم آه بس مش بيسيب أثر ، انما ده مش ضرب دي وحشية ، ده وقع في ايد واحد سادي مجنون ، حد يرد عليا ابوس ايديكم ، الظابط ده لسة بيشتغل ؟؟؟؟ وبرر اللي عمله إزاي ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
ماحدش يقوللي عيني عينك كده ، مستحيل ، أصلها مالهاش حل ولا ينفع فيها لعب ولا تزوير ، ايه يعني ؟ قال إن فيه قطر دخل القسم وعمل فيه كده ؟؟؟؟ ايه يعني ؟ قال ان قبلة انفجرت في القسم ؟؟؟؟ ياريت الي عند تفاصيل أكتر واسم الحيوان اللي عمل كده يققولنا

في أي بلد محترم كان يجب على الفور أن تستقيل كل الحكومة
وأن تتم محاكمة المسؤلين عن هذه الجريمة النكراء
وعلى رأسهم وزير الداخلية حبيب العادلي
وأن تكون محاكمة الوزير والمسؤلين علنية أمام الشعب
وأن يلقوا أشد العقاب

I am really curious to know the officers’ justification; what did they write in their report? Did they write that the citizen flipped and beat himself to death? Or that he died of a sudden heart attack? This is downright blasphemy! I know that some officers beat up people in custody but they make sure not to leave visible traces but looking at Khaled's pictures – this is just mere brutality; he was the victim of some sick sadist. Please someone answer me: Is this officer still on the job?

In any decent civilized country, such an incident would have been enough for the government to resign, those in charge of this murder would have been tried, and the trial of the Minister of Interior and the officers should be public. I demand maximum punishment for this crime.

On Facebook, Dr Ayman Nour wrote a note condemning the regime for this horrendous crime, narrating its horrific details:

خالد لم يكن إرهابيا مطاردا تطلبه الشرطة -حيا او ميتا – ولم يكن يمثل خطرا على أى شئ فى الحياة ,التى فارقها دون ذنب ,أو جريمة
Khaled was not a terrorist or a fugitive; he was not wanted dead or alive. He was not a threat to anyone or anything in this life – the life that he was deprived of living!
مات خالد .. دون ان يعرف جريمته,دون أن يفهم احد لماذا قتلوه!!
Khaled died without knowing his crime or fault. No one knows why he had to die

Dr Nour posted pictures of the victim HERE (WARNING: VERY BRUTAL AND MIGHT BE OFFENSIVE FOR SOME VIEWERS). Until the writing of this post, there were around 340 comments on the pictures.

Appy and Kareem Beheiry mourned the victim on their blogs and shared the same pictures.

Princess Sara is scared. She wrote:

قلبي موجوع اوي .. ومرعوبة أوي
حاطة نفسي مكانه ، وخايفة على اخويا اللي عارفه انه زيه مش هيقبل على كرامته الاهانة :(
بجد مش عارفة احنا رايحين على فين :( ومش فاهمة كل دا بيحصل ليه ؟؟؟؟؟؟
الولد ياعيني شكله ابن ناس لا سوابق ولا قليل الأدب :(
ربنا يرحمه ويصبر أهله يارب
My heart is aching! I am so scared! I am trying to put myself in his shoes. I am worried sick about my brother; I know he is just like Khaled and he will not accept any violation of his constitutional rights. I don't know where this country is heading and I do not understand why such things happen. Poor child! He looked decent and well-mannered. May he rest in peace.

Ramez Abbas wrote him an ode:

رحلــــــت يا خالد وسط بكاء الرجال المخنـــــــــــــــــثون
والنساء والصبايا ليس بيـــديهم شىء ،،، فماذا يفـــعلون
سيبكونك الجميع فترة من الزمن ثم لكأس العالم يصـقفون
يهللـــون،، يمرحون ،، وبأجساد النساء لـــــــــيلاً يعبثون
تلك الحياة فى مصرنا ،،، لا كـــــــــــرامة لنا ولا يحزنون
يا خالد أرحل إلى الله فقد أنتهي عمرك كما يقول المسلمون
وأنتهي أجلك ونحن أيضاً فى جريمة الداخــــلية مشتركون
صــــــمتنا ونواصل الصمت ونبكي ثم نبكي توسلاً للقانون
وماذا يا مصرياً رحل قبل الآوان تظنـــــــــــــــــــنا فاعلون
فنحن كما وصفنا العالم أجمع خائفون،، مرتــــــــــــــعدون
رجالاً فى الحـــــــــــــــــــــــــــروب الكلامية ضد الآخرون
وضد نظامنا المتوحش نركع خــــــــوفاً ونتحجج بالقانون
فـــــــــــــــــتباً للقانون
أرددها بصــــــــــــــــــــدق ،،،تباً للقانون
Khaled! You are now mourned by the wails of sissy males and helpless females.
What can they do?
They will just cry for a while then they will move on with their lives;
They will cheer for the World Cup, have fun, have sex – this is Egypt my dear.
We have neither pride nor dignity.
Back to your creator you shall go but our hands are red with your blood;
We are partners in the crime.
We were silent and we continue in silence;
Crying and pleading before a blind justice.
So what? One of us was killed?
The whole world knows how scared of our wits we are.
We have mastered wailing and verbal combats
But when it comes to our system and fighting for our rights,
We cower and kneel before the law and our unlawful system.
Damn the law!


  • plz we need our rights here in Egypt

  • Colleen Smith

    Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are both organizations that monitor human rights violations all over the world (and Egypt is on their radars). Use your VOICE and write to them.

    This web page has contact information for every United States Senator (and it’s our Senate that controls the money). Write to them and ask they to explain to you WHY they fund a government that brutally kills its own people. This year the Senate cut Egypt’s funding in half because of its human rights violations and it’s American money that funds Egypt’s military. Once Senators demand answers from the regime (which they can and will do), change can begin. Until the Senate hears from people, real Egyptians, Egypt is an abstract idea. Real people will make Egypt’s problems real to them.

    Write to them. Tell your friends to write to them. Demand answers.

  • Adam

    I see no source…

  • يعنى مش فاهم مفيش حد من اللى شافوه بيضرب يالشكل ده قدر يتدخل ويمنعهم للدرجة دى مفيش نخوة

  • Moe

    I am Khaled Said, we are all Khaled Said; I was beaten to death, had drugs stuffed down my throat, my dead body was dragged on the street, had my face smashed against a marble counter, and I was taken away from my friends and family to stop me from posting a video exposing high ranking Egyptian police officers dividing a seized loot of drugs among them selfs. I was killed so that they could get high undistributed. As I bed you farewell to go meet my maker leaving my dead disfigured body in this unjust world, I urge you to avenge my death and bring those corrupt murderers to justice!

  • انت كدا اكيد فى مصر وبعدين اكيد دى مش اول حاله ولا اخر حاله فى البلد يا جمعاعه البلد دى عمره ما هتيجى يوم قدم طوال ما فيه الموطن لا يحترم ولاحتى بيتعمل على اساس انو انسان ربنا يرحمه يا خالد ويسكنه فسيح جنته

  • youssef

    for any medical examiner who log’s on this site, please advise, can those lethal marks on that face of the deceased kid, actually its not marks its deformations, can be can be caused by anything other than brutallity and torture?? im both an engineer and a phd holder so medicine is not my experteese, but from an educated person’s point of view i don’t see any other reason for that kid’s death other than police brutality. i’ve read on the news and saw on TV reports that this kid was both a drug addict and dealer, first of all thats nonsense due to the background he came from and the testimony’s of his neighbors and friends, secondly, even if he is they sentence him to death in the street???? and not only but also, state false comments that he died from swallowing drugs??? oh my god, how bad can it go when a crime is commited infront of the people, with witnesses with photographs and the truth can be twisted like that to get some terrorists off the hook?? and for who’s favor? whats the value of that police officer so they can turn the the table like that and tarnish a dead kid’s reputation for his sake?? where can justice be found nowadays??? we’re blaiming the system for inconsistencies and brutality and forgetting something very important, who did that to that young guy are egyptians, who tarnished his reputation are egyptians, that medical examiner who said he died from choking on drugs is egyptian, the journalists who said we hate egypt when saying revenge for that young kid are also egyptians. are we turning into tyrans murderers and thiefs??? a country is composed of land, people and government. the land is destroyed, the government, well, no comment its not of use, what about the people someone please answer that. but before you do, think of people working in the public sector who enjoy seeing you suffer before finishing whatever errand you want, think about police stations and its officers, think taxi and microbus drivers who would push you on the side walk just cause it throws a smile on their face and finally think of how many people nowadays from your friends or relatives you would trust or rely on. egypt won’t become a democratic respectable nation until its people rise up, refuse tyrany, end the oppression we’re in and becoming humans again by redeeming our values and ethics. the blood of that kid is in the hands of all people who saw him and did nothing to prevent it from happening and on the egyptians who still obide by the emergency law and doing nothing to stop it. may god have peace on your soul khaled, and may god have peace on all egyptians who are half dead.

  • Tamer Magdy

    share Khaled story with the world, let the world knows about Egypt, How it’s great country and the worth government ever. I wish that Human Rights can do something about what happened. IT”S NOT FAIR that someone can lose his life that way. we hope for a change.

  • Adel
    It’s Khaled who killed by Egyptian police in Alexandria, Egypt.

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