10 June 2010

Stories from 10 June 2010

Cape Verde: Netcitizens Outraged with Flights and Governance

  10 June 2010

Though flights delays are common in Cape Verde, the episode which happened on June 5th, involving Minister Inocêncio Sousa, caused big confusion at the airport, as Emilio Rodrigues thoroughly describes [pt]. Netcitizens feel outraged and discuss [pt] the development and governance of the country, claiming that apparently as it grows...

Egypt: Should Coptic Divorcees Remarry?

The Egyptian Supreme Administrative Court has issued a ruling obliging Coptic Pope Shenouda III to allow Coptic divorcees to remarry. The pope has rejected the ruling. Supporters of the church and promoters of a secular state blogged their opinions.

Bolivia: Teaching Web 2.0

  10 June 2010

In an effort to expand the use of social media and Web 2.0 in Bolivia, Alberto Medrano from the blog Letras Alteñas [es] taught a course on the subject and noticed great enthusiasm from the people of El Alto to learn about these new technologies.

Indonesia: Who is Ariel “Peterporn”?

  10 June 2010

Ariel “Peterporn” became a twitter trend a few days ago. It refers to a famous Indonesian singer whose sex videos were uploaded on the web. Indonesian twitterers gave him the nickname “peterporn.”

Marry an Indonesian woman for a fee

  10 June 2010

There is a proposal by local conservative politicians in Indonesia to require foreigners to pay a fixed amount of money if they want to marry an Indonesian woman.

Haiti: Grass Roots

  10 June 2010

“Mainstream media sources in the United States have rarely mentioned this type of local organizing initiated by activists and every day Haitians”: Tande blogs about a few grassroots organisations doing important work in Haiti.

Dominica: A Day in the Life

  10 June 2010

Dominica Weekly highlights a documentary which “brings to life the rich heritage and culture of the Kalinago (Carib) people in Dominica.”

Bermuda: Balanced Media

  10 June 2010

“The Bermuda Code of Practice appears to be well balanced and cover the established international best practices”: Vexed Bermoothes therefore sees “no reason for Government to pursue its punitive draft Media Council Act.”

Russia: Mysterious Death of a Soldier in the Far East

Alexey Navalny, famous anti-corruption blogger, posted a shocking video [RUS], depicting an observation of Roman Suslov's dead body. According to Russian military officials, Suslov committed a suicide during the transfer to Far East military base, though his family and independent journalists suspect [RUS] he was tortured and later murdered by military...

Pakistan: Playing cricket online

  10 June 2010

Yousuf Rafi offers feedback on Howzat – an online cricket game made by Pakistani students which, according to him, is ‘a complete package of fun, enjoyment and time pass’.