Syria: Lash Out Continues Against Israel's Raid on Gaza Aid Convoy

A protest in Boston – Photo by Anas Qtiesh

The deadly Israeli raid on the aid convoy headed to Gaza to break the blockade has once again brought the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza into the limelight. The political and public outcry has been remarkable and has generated a heated global debate on what had happened. Syrian and Palestinian bloggers are making sure they're not left out.

Gazan blogger Abu el Sharif from Ahzan Shajar el Batata blog tries to maintain a positive outlook on the matter, he says [ar]:

بس جميل اللي صار…الشعور ان الواحد مش لحالو…انو لسة فيه ناس بتدور عليك…و عدم وجودك بعني إشي لإلهم…
يا خسارة انو لازم مأساه تصير عشان الناس تاخد بالها !
What has happened generates a good feeling that we are not alone… that there are people who still care about us … that our existence – or lack thereof – means something to them…
What a shame that a tragedy has to happen in order for people to start paying attention!

Syrian Yassin sarcastically comments [ar] on the official Israeli position in regards to why they killed some of the activists aboard the flotilla:

مرّة أخرى.. فعلتها إسرائيل

و كيف لا تفعلها؟ تعرّضونها, هي المسكينة, للاستفزاز و تريدونها ألا تفعلها؟ […] تريدون أن تمرّ السفن العزلاء بناشطيها و مساعداتها و أعلامها و نواياها و هتافاتها من أمام الكيان الصهيوني بدون أن ينقضّ عليها؟ تستفزّون ثم تستنكرون العواقب؟ إنكم تظلمون إسرائيل يا عالم!

Once again, Israel has done it

And how wouldn't she? You subject the poor thing to provocation and you want her not to do it? […] Do you want the unarmed ships carrying activists, aid, flags, intentions, and cheers to pass in front of the Zionist entity without being attacked? You provoke and then deplore the consequences? You're being unfair to Israel, people.

Via Recta blog expands the criticism of Israeli practices and policies. In a post titled “Israel's Moral Bankruptcy“, Philip I said:

Note that it is the same language and tactic that Israelis have used since 1948 to justify their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. They occupy their lands destroy their homes, cage them and starve them then bleat to the world about being under threat from the people they torment.

An Watan (on a homeland) blog also criticizes Arab regimes who aid Israel in enforcing the Gaza blockade [ar]:

من سيلجم الصُّهيونيّ … ، العربيُّ في القرب ليسَ أفضل حالا … ، فالأخوة في مصر لا حولَ لهم ولا قوة في مواجهةِ نظامِهم المتآمر والمستمر في قفل المنفذ الوحيد معبر رفَح .. وبناء جدار الفولاذ المقدس .. ونسف كل الأنفاق التي كان يصِل عبرها بعض الغذاء والدواء لأبطالِ غزة
Who will stop the Zionist… The neighboring Arab is no better… Brothers in Egypt are helpless against their conspiring regime that continues to lock down the only crossing, the Rafah crossing; building the sacred wall of steel; and demolishing all that tunnels that food and medicine was delivered through to the heroes of Gaza.

Syria News Wire blog celebrates the Syrian activists that were captured aboard the ships and later returned home:

They survived piracy on the open seas, a murderous attack by Israeli commandos and unlawful detention in an Israeli jail. Now, the Syrians on the Gaza aid flotilla have returned home to a hero’s welcome.

Maysaloon takes the time to comment on the hazards that activists are facing, and reminds them that their Internet firewalls do not stop live bullets. He says:

Twittering, blogging and wearing rubber bracelets with the Palestinian flag are nice in San Francisco or London but bullets don't see these things.

Reactions continue to pour in from around the world. To stay updated on the various reactions in the blogospheres and social media platforms, you can follow Global Voices Online‘s  Israel Flotilla Raid 2010 special coverage page.

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  • morshed faiz

    syria should continue to develop their armerd forces beacause israil is the biggest threat. Syria should have made a deal with russia to buy S-400, sukoi 30, mig 35 instead of mig 29, and pynster defence systems.

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