4 June 2010

Stories from 4 June 2010

Haiti: “No” to Monsanto

  4 June 2010

“Today, tens of thousands of Haitian farmers and earthquake-displaced peasants will gather on the occasion of International Environment Day to preserve the agricultural lifeblood of the nation”: Repeating Islands blogs about protests against Monsanto and their genetically modified seeds.

Trinidad & Tobago: Broken Promise

  4 June 2010

Trinidad and Tobago's new Prime Minister has reneged on her promise to not move into her predecessor's residence, prompting B.C. Pires to comment: “What the palace stands for is clear…and anyone who deliberately chooses to occupy the palace necessarily assumes all its trappings. You can't play sailor mas and ‘fraid...

Jamaica: Extortion

  4 June 2010

Jamaica Salt blogs about the alleged “extortion rackets going on in downtown Kingston, linked to the power held by Dudus.”

Trinidad & Tobago: About those Laptops…

  4 June 2010

The recently elected government of Trinidad and Tobago has promised free laptops for children about to enter secondary school; KnowTnT.com has a better idea: “Schools. Infrastructure that supports broadband internet access – not just in urbanized areas but throughout the nation. Subsidize it.”

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: Gulf Spill

  4 June 2010

Labrish Jamaica wonders whether the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will affect the Caribbean, while the incident has made Trinidad and Tobago's This Beach Called Life “think about our very own offshore drilling efforts”.

Iran:”Hizbollah” interrupted Khomeini Grandson's speech

Culturallogic says [fa] religious hard-liners chanted slogans against the grandson of the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini at a state ceremony marking the 21st anniversary of the Iranian spiritual leader's death in protest at his support for Iran's reformist opposition. The blogger adds several protesters had Lebanese Hizbollah's yellow flags. Here...

Guatemala: Video Shows Aftermath of Storm Agatha

  4 June 2010

A video (in English) posted on HablaGuate shows the aftermath of storm Agatha in Ciudad Vieja, a “coffee-growing community located on the base of the ‘volcán de agua’ (water volcano) just outside of Antigua, Guatemala.” The post also provides a link where donations for relief efforts can be sent.

Russia: Are Websites Responsible for User Comments?

The latest edition of the Supreme Court's decision says online news media will be responsible for user comments left on their websites, gazeta.ru reports [RUS]. A previous version implied no accountability for user comments, but it is now being revised due to pressure from RosKomNadzor, a government media and internet regulation...

USA: Mourning the Loss of American Furkan Dogan, Killed on Flotilla

Following the Israeli Defense Forces' deadly attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, the identities of the nine activists killed aboard the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara have emerged. Eight were Turkish nationals, the other was a 19-year-old Turkish-American dual citizen named Furkan Dogan. In this post, Jillian C. York investigates American perspectives on the teenager's death.