3 June 2010

Stories from 3 June 2010

India: Train Accident And Politics

  3 June 2010

Words From Solitude captures all the politics after the accident of a Mumbai bound train, which caused death of many civilians. The Maoists derailed it near Jhargram, India.

Bangladesh: Newspaper Banned

  3 June 2010

Rumi at Unheard Voice informs that the Bangladesh government has banned (cancelled the declaration to publish) the vernacular daily Amar Desh and arrested its editor.

Macedonia: Legislative Changes Raise Privacy Concerns

Human rights activists and Internet users criticize recent controversial initiatives by the Macedonian Government to increase its legal powers of surveillance. Backed by a comfortable majority in the Parliament, the authorities show little interest in transparent and accountable public debate on this issue.

Tanzania: Will Tanzania benefit from playing Brazil?

  3 June 2010

Football fans in Tanzania are eagerly waiting to see Brazil, FIFA world Cup five times winners, taking on Tanzania national Team on June 7, 2010 at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam. The international friendly between the five times world champions and Tanzania national team is part of Brazil’s World Cup preparations before the opening match of the World Cup on June 11th in South Africa.

Bolivia: Movie on Immigration Debuting Online

  3 June 2010

The Bolivian movie, “En busca del paraíso” [es] (“Searching for Paradise”) will be released in Spain on June 11 through Televeo.com [es]. Miguel Esquirol Ríos [es] explains that the movie is about Bolivian immigrants in Spain; he is happy that the movie will reach a foreign audience through the Internet.

Jamaica: Hard Policing

  3 June 2010

“Last week many poor people were shot, and while no doubt some were criminals, there is also no doubt that some were innocent”: My View of JamDown from UpSo suggests that “maybe it's time to admit that so-called hard policing is only an easy, cowardly, way out of complex problems...

Jamaica: Searching High & Low

  3 June 2010

As the Mayor of Kingston's home is searched in an attempt to find ‘Dudus'; YardFlex.com says: “Come on now, even the Prime Minister’s residence should be subjected to a thorough search by the police”, while Girl With a Purpose provides recent updates on the state of emergency.

Jamaica: On the Run

  3 June 2010

“Life has more or less returned to normal on the rock except for those who lost family members in the clash and for those who remain on the run”: Annie Paul says that “the tragedy is that the parts of the city where gangsters unleashed violence are the same areas...

Japan: Artistic flipnotes

  3 June 2010

Meet Oliver (id:olivercd) [en], a Spanish designer and one of the “Flipnote creators” featured at Hatena Featured Artist, a special section of one of the most popular Japanese blog platforms. See here to enjoy the flipnotes of other artists.

Georgia: Social Media deployed for local elections

Local government elections in Georgia were held on 30 May and attracted huge interest from both the local and international community. Considered another test of the former Soviet republic's fledgling democratization process, both deployed and relied on online and social media technologies to monitor the vote as never before.

Russia: Artists Against State Bureaucracy

Several artists led by Alexey Biryukov launched the blog “Artist! Set Yourself Free!” [RUS]. The idea of the blog is to attract attention to the issue of export of modern art from Russia. Currently an artist needs a state permission to move his/her piece of art outside the country (even...

Japan: Tech-savvy fishermen get their business online

  3 June 2010

Asiajin reports [en] that a fishermen cooperative [ja] “launched a fish and seafood e-commerce site that sells what have been caught in Tokyo Bay in the morning of the day.” Some of the fishermen also live-tweet [in Japanese] from their ships every day @ Yoshieimaru (佳栄丸) and @ Kageyamamaru (蔭山丸).

Turkey: Can Turkish-Israeli relations be rebuilt?

As the world watched the events that happened on board the Turkish-led "Gaza Freedom Flotilla" it was also witnessing the deterioration of political relations between the governments of Turkey and Israel. Anger at the Israeli government is palpable in Turkey, and returning activists are being greeted by officials among hero fan-fare.

Israel/Palestine: Drawing the Line in Gaza

“So Gaza is under a seige,” writes Lirun of East Med Sea Peace, “And Gazans are suffering badly whether we like to believe it or not.. and yet Israel has a grave security risk. I don't care how much people belittle those rockets, the situation sucks.. but where do we...

Israel: Between the Bean and the Ban

The current political climate between Israel and Turkey may be tense, but something that every Israeli can enjoy is the beloved national drink, café turkí (Turkish coffee). Israeli Kitchen observes: “I see the sales girls taking a break in the shop doorways – each one holding a cigarette between her...