2 June 2010

Stories from 2 June 2010

Armenia: Journalist arrested in Liberty Square

Ianyan covers the case of Ani Gevorgyan, an anti-government journalist who was arrested on 31 May while being among opposition supporters who resisted attempts by police to remove them from a newly reopened public space in Yerevan, the Armenian capital. The blog says that while the reasons for Gevorgyan's arrest...

Israel: Fighting the #Flotilla Digital War

The global impact that social media and the real time web had as this story evolved is undeniable. From Twitter to Facebook and onto active forums and talkback threads, the battleground has shifted from the Mediterranean to a digital cacophony of data. Gilad Lotan has more.

Bolivia: International Book Fair in Santa Cruz Breaks Own Record

  2 June 2010

The XI International Book Fair held in Santa Cruz has set a new record this year with over fifteen thousand attendees in the first five days. The fair this year commemorates the Bicentennial of Santa Cruz, as Willy Andres [es] explains. Sixty new literary pieces will be presented; the fair ends June 6 [es].

Malawi: On the decision to pardon gay couple

  2 June 2010

Sokari discusses the decision by the Malawian president to pardon a gay couple who were sentence to 14 years in prion: “The decision to pardon rather than allow the Malawian legal process to take it’s own course in the matter raises concerns about the” autonomy and sovereignty” of African states.”

Jamaica: Rock the Calabash

  2 June 2010

“Calabash 2010 rocked, it really did”: Annie Paul thinks that “this literary festival provides a neat model for similar ventures that could showcase the best that Jamaica has to offer.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Red Earth

  2 June 2010

“The Red Earth Eco-Arts Festival has become one of the highlights of Trinidad's cultural calendar”: MEP Caribbean Publishers previews this year's events.

El Salvador: Storm Agatha Sinking the Country

  2 June 2010

Conversaciones con Neto Rivas [es] highlights the outcome of storm Agatha in El Salvador, showing an infograph that, according to the blogger, shows that 80% of El Salvador is sinking. The blog also points out that Winter is just starting and authorities should warn about the high-risk areas and begin evacuating people...

Brazil/Bulgaria: Domain Name Debate

  2 June 2010

Following the debate initiated in January 2010, Eternal Remont blog discusses the ongoing case of the Cyrillic Internet domain name of Bulgaria “.бг” which is, allegedly, too similar to the Brazilian one in latin script “.br”.

Brazil: The Eleitor2010 Project

  2 June 2010

On May 29th Eleitor2010 [Elector2010, pt] was officaly launched. According to the press release [pt] it is a Ushahidi-based crowdsourcing platform which aims to aggregate citizen denouncements during this year's electoral process in Brazil.

Colombia: Reactions to Presidential Elections from the Blogosphere

  2 June 2010

The Colombian blogosphere also reacted to the outcome of the presidential elections held on May 30, discussing why the Green party candidate, Antanas Mockus, lost to the candidate of the ruling coalition, Juan Manuel Santos. They also analyzed what is in store for the political atmosphere in Colombia after the June 20 run-off election.

MENA: Israel will have to Choose

Condemnations are flying left, right, and centre after Israel attacked a Turkish-led flotilla headed to Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid and break the blockade on the Palestinian enclave. Here are some more reactions from Twitter.

Pakistan: Living In Denial

  2 June 2010

Bilal Qureshi at Pakistan Foreign Policy blog comments that the “denial and blindness to emerging internal threats has turned Pakistan into a global hub of terrorism and the country itself is a ticking time bomb.”