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Malaysia: Reactions to flotilla attack by Israel

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Several Malaysian nationals were on board [1] the Mavi Marmara when Israeli naval commandos raided a “Freedom Flotilla” [2] of six ships carrying 10,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid. This attack by Israel has sparked indignation in Malaysia.

Khoo Kay Peng [3] hopes that countries which reacted to the sinking of a South Korean ship last week will also condemn the flotilla attack

The attack must be condemned by the international community. If the attack on South Korean ship is risking economic sanction on North Korea by some of the most powerful nations, I hope they will react the same towards Israel and its cowardice attack.

This is a black day when a humanitarian initiative is being attacked and suppressed.

Democratic Action Party wants an all-party caucus [4] to discuss and condemn the attack

It is most horrifying that Malaysian lives could be lost.

The all-party conference, which should be convened within 24 hours, should express the anger and outrage of Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation at the atrocity committed by the Israeli forces against the unarmed Flotilla and civilians and demand an international tribunal for such crimes against humanity

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad [5], former prime minister and popular blogger, issued this statement

1. I am horrified at the violence employed by Israel to stop the ships from carrying humanitarian supplies to Gaza. The ships are in international waters, yet the arrogant Israelis do not care to respect international laws and convention.

2. The claim that the people on the ships are carrying sharp objects is ridiculous. Are they going to fight the well armed Israeli soldiers with sharp objects?

3. Do Israeli soldiers shoot to kill people carrying sharp objects? The act is most cowardly and deserving only of brutes, not civilised people.

4. What kind of world are we living in when it allows a rogue state to use violence and killings against unarmed people on a mission of charity

Rallies were held demanding UN to criticize Israel for the flotilla attack.


Photo by daxmuhamad

Here are some twitter reactions from Kuala Lumpur

tianchua: [7] @pummkin Military attack on peace mission is simply not acceptable! Forced boarding armed soldiers on flotilla was an act of provocatn!
farah_deqya: [8] RT @MukhrizMahathir: As expected Israel accuses flotilla of carrying weapons. Lies to justify murdering innocent peace activists. UN, US, UK & EU must stop them.
ervanj: [9] By preventing us access to the flotilla, means Israel is covering up to ensure silence and only one side of the story! #freedomflotilla
bumilangit: [10] RT @mikeymileos: I guess it's called a blockade for a reason. It blocks aid. #Flotilla
Monica_Voon: [11] @IamMalaysian @IamMalaysian Need to look beyond flotilla at long-standing blockade of Gaza and other atrocities – 80% below poverty line.

Some tweets which probe if the flotilla aid campaign was an act to provoke Israel

MrImaginarium: [12] RT @IamMalaysian: @KarimRaslan the organizers themselves said the flotilla's aim was to challenge the blockade. Not humanitarian aid
andyberan: [13] RT @IamMalaysian: @KarimRaslan not saying Israel was right, but it was clearly provocation on flotilla's side as well. They were asked to turn back few times