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UAE: An Encounter with a Camel

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, United Arab Emirates, Environment

If you tell anyone you live in the Arabian Gulf, two things come to their mind – oil and camels. Noora Nasrallah, who tweets as PurpleNano, describes her encounter with a camel in the UAE a series of tweets today.

In her first [1] tweet, she says:

Haha we're all stopped on Emirates road toward #RAK by cops cuz there's a camel walking on the side of the road :D

The follow up tweet [2] brings more news on the distraught and probably lost camel:

Poor camel!! He's running along the road looking scared :S

And finally the police save the day [3] and rescue the camel:

Haha camel was successfully moved to the other side of the road. Bravo cops! http://tweetphoto.com/24014216

On Tweetpic, PurpleNano posts the following [4] picture:


Police rescue camel

A happy ending for one camel, I suppose.