20 May 2010

Stories from 20 May 2010

Bulgaria: Update on Arevik Shmavonyan's Case

Maya's Corner posts a detailed update on the case of Arevik Shmavonyan, a pregnant Armenian citizen who is still being kept at the Special Centre for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners in Busmantsi, and on the legal status of David Arutyunyan, Arevik's boyfriend.

Kenya: Linking banks and mobile payments

  20 May 2010

Erik writes about linking banks and mobile payments in Kenya: “People are excited about M-Kesho (money for the future) which launched yesterday, where Safaricom has linked their mobile payments service Mpesa as a joint venture with Equity Bank in Kenya.”

Middle East: “Blood Borders”

  20 May 2010

Martin W. Lewis from GeoCurrent Event blog reviews Ralph Lewis’ “Blood Borders” article on the idea of a complete reshape of Middle East borders in order to fit more appropriately the ethnic and religious affiliations of the region.

Technology for Transparency Review, Part V

  20 May 2010

Representative democracy, while necessary, takes citizens away from the decision making process. While traditional media tend to focus on individuals more than issues, a new generation of websites are combining parliamentary information with social media tools to give citizens more information about the profile and activities of their representatives, and to become more active in the legislative process.

Russia: Another Web site Closed For Extremism

Alleng.ru, one of the largest educational portals in Russia, has been turned off by the provider Peterhost due to the hosting of the electronic copy of the book “Basics of the Muslim Creed,” which is acknowledged by the Orenburg city court as “extremist,” blogger r_li reported.

Revolutionizing the Indonesian music industry

  20 May 2010

Blogger Wibisono Sastrodiwiryo believes that in the  near future, accessible broadband connection will revolutionize the Indonesian music industry to a point where major labels can't stick to their old anti-piracy tunes [id].