12 May 2010

Stories from 12 May 2010

Belarus: New Internet Regulations

New Internet regulations in Belarus provide the government with new forms of control: compulsory registration of all websites (and compulsory hosting in Belarus), collection of personal data of Internet cafe users. As ej.by suggests, the new regulations will automatically criminalize all foreign-based resources (and especially those of the opposition), as...

Jamaica: Game Over?

  12 May 2010

“Not only has Bruce Golding’s unethical behaviour disgraced the position of PM, but he has shown himself to be of questionable character and a failure at providing the model of leadership that Jamaica needs right now”: Long Bench thinks “the best thing that Bruce Golding can do for the country...

CEE: Facebook Use Stats

Worldwide Facebook statistics – at Facebakers.com: in Central & Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic has most users – 2,634,300 people, the country's overall ranking is #29, penetration is 25.8%. It is followed by Poland (#31), which has 2,604,440 users, with 6.77% penetration. Serbia (#41) is CEE's #3: 1,997,540 users, penetration...

China: Shoe-throwing at real estate tycoon

  12 May 2010

The real estate bubble has enraged the public and real estate tycoon Ren Zhiqiang received a pair of shoes while delivering a speech in a conference in Dalian. Shanghaiist has the background of the story. ESWN translates online and offline discussions about the incident.

Taiwan: Measuring masculinity

  12 May 2010

Michael Turton writes about how differences in masculinity between Taiwanese and Western males explain relationships between Taiwanese females and Western males.

Bhutan: Lessons To Be Learnt

  12 May 2010

Dorji Wangchuk wonders whether Bhutanese people will continue to be civic and organized as they displayed themselves during the recently concluded SAARC summit.