10 May 2010

Stories from 10 May 2010

Russia: Moscow Mayor; Judiciary System

Foreign Policy Association's Russia blog writes about Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov's 15-year General Plan for the city's development. At True/Slant, Mark Adomanis writes about Vera Trifonova’s death in detention and Russia's judiciary system. A Good Treaty writes about Russia's judiciary system and Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov.

China: expelling the unemployed from Shenzhen

  10 May 2010

Ridding the city of those unemployed for longer than three months—that’s what Shenzhen’s vice mayor and police chief suggested April 29 in response to security problems in this special economic zone in South China.  The suggestion has generated a strong online response. In a meeting with the Hong Kong-Macau Political...

Kenya: Netizens discuss proposed constitution of Kenya

  10 May 2010

The proposed constitution of Kenya has been officially published and will have to be subjected to a referendum. The proposed constitution results from the Harmonized draft constitution that was written by the Committee of Experts last year. The Kenyan Attorney General officially published the proposed constitution on April 7, 2010. Kenyans are currently discussing the document online.

Russia: “Ingushetia-ru” Blogger Arrested?

Valery Dzutsev writes that LJ user ingushetia-ru has allegedly been arrested in Moscow: “His blog was mainly focusing on the events in Ingushetia in the North Caucasus, but also general events in Russia attracted his attention. He kept his real name in strict secret and, according to some sources, his...

Russia, Ukraine: WWII, Stalin, History, Politics

A selection of posts on WWII, May 9, history, Joseph Stalin, and today's political discourse in Russia and Ukraine – at Foreign Policy Association's Russia blog (here and here), Global Chaos (here and here), Foreign Notes, Ukrainiana, Sublime Oblivion, A Good Treaty, Robert Amsterdam.