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Russia: The ‘Little Blue Buckets’ Protest

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Russia, Digital Activism, Freedom of Speech, Governance, Human Rights, Humor, Law, Protest, RuNet Echo

The Little Blue Buckets mock protest, initiated [1] (RUS) by LJ user cook, took place in Moscow Sunday, as drivers fitted their cars with blue plastic buckets (siniye vedyorki) to protest the impunity of state officials who routinely use blue flashing lights (migalki) on their vehicles to violate traffic rules and drive recklessly. Photo reports (RUS) by LJ users ottenki-serogo [2], nl [3] and kate-goria [4]. Online resources (RUS): LJ community – ru_vederko [5]; website – SineeVedro.ru [6]; Twitter – @ru_vederko [7]/#vedro [8]; Facebook – Society of Little Blue Buckets [9].