4 April 2010

Stories from 4 April 2010

Morocco: Are Christians at Risk?

In early March, observers watched as around 20 long-time Christian orphanage workers were expelled from the country they called home. The incident, and others which followed it, have brought to light the debate surrounding Christianity in the Kingdom.

Kenya: Draft Constitution passed by parliament

  4 April 2010

The latest on Kenya's Draft Constitution: “Parliament was predictably unable to summon the required quorum to get any of amendments passed, and the Draft Constitution was passed as is. Rather than vote yes or no on the proposed amendments, the MPs chose to walk out of an amendment that they...

Sudan: Elections in Sudan is a logistical nightmare

  4 April 2010

South Sudan Info discusses the logistical challenges of holding elections in Sudan: “Considering that Sudan has not had elections since 1986, it is Africa’s largest country with vast regions among the least developed on the planet, election logistics are no simple matter.”

Sudan: Is Sudan heading towards chaos?

  4 April 2010

According to Ahmed Hassan Sudan is heading towards chaos: “It is apparent that what I mentioned about the shortsightedness of the Sudanese politics and politician is a major contributor to the way in which the events so developed in Sudan today.”

China: County citizens subject to moral appraisal

  4 April 2010

Defaulting on a loan, running a red light, having a second child, or receiving a serious warning from the Communist Party—just some of the behaviors that might give Suining County citizens a bad credit score, according to the first list of 812 names disclosed March 15 on a government Web...

D.R. Of Congo; The Jew of Katanga

  4 April 2010

Alex writes about the Jew of Katanga; Moïse Katumbi Katebe Chapwe, a multimillionaire, is the powerful governor of the Province of Katanga, one of the mineral-rich Wild West zones of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Indonesia: Former lingerie model enters politics

  4 April 2010

A former Playboy model in Indonesia is the official candidate of the administration in the local elections in an East Java regency. This candidacy caused a stir in the largest Muslim-majority country in the world. Bloggers and netizens react.

Russia: April Fool's Online Pranks

Although the beginning of the week has been marked by the disaster and grief, Russian bloggers and computer geeks tried to leave some place in their lives for a smile. Below are few of the pranks proposed by bloggers and several software companies.