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Azerbaijan: DOTCOM arrives in Baku

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dotcomLate last night, American participants of the U.S. State Department sponsored DOTCOM [1] project to bring Armenian, Azerbaijani and American teenagers together to create socially conscious media arrived in Baku, Azerbaijan, ahead of the Social Media for Social Change conference [2] to be held on 9-10 April in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The DOTCOM: PH International blog posted video of their arrival and reunion with project participants in Azerbaijan [3]. At the end of the week the American participants will also visit Armenia via Georgia before returning for the conference in Tbilisi.

In August last year, Global Voices Online interviewed [4] DOTCOM Program Director Elizabeth Métraux on the initiative to bring teenagers from the U.S. together with those from two countries still effectively in a state of war to tackle social issues such as the environment, gender and human rights globally as well as at home.

Incidentally, following last week's reporting for BBC Azeri on the role social media can play in conflict transformation (Part I [6], Part II [7], Part III [8]), Global Voices Online's Caucasus editor will once again be working with Flying Carpets and Broken Pipelines [9] blogger and regional analyst Arzu Geybullayeva when they co-present at the conference [10].

Until then, DOTCOM can be followed on its travels here [11].

SMSC Conf Banner [2]