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Iran: Iranians marked holiday under surveillance

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Iran, Digital Activism, Governance, History, Politics, Protest

Iranians marked [1], Charshanbeh Soori, a holiday that leads up to the Persian new year under the watchful eyes of riot police Tuesday night, after Ayatollah Ali Khamenei the Islamic Republic's leader discouraged the celebrations. Charshanbe Soori is a prelude to Nowrouz [2], the Persian New Year which starts on March 21 and marks the arrival of spring.

Iranians celebrated [3]the festival by lighting bonfires and leaping over the flames in an act that symbolises a hope for happiness in the new year.

Several citizens filmed and reported this event where, in some cases, political slogans against the Iranian regime were chanted. In other cases people just celebrated by dancing.

Police confronting people in Haft Hoz district in Tehran

People chant against Ayatollah Khamenei in the northern city Rasht

Dancing in Bandar Anzali in the north of Iran