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Bahrain: Ferrari Fans Rejoice as Alonso Wins Bahrain Grand Prix

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The first race of the 2010 Formula One season is over and the dust may have settled on the Bahrain International Circuit in the Sakhir desert but the buzz continues online.

The three-day car racing extravaganza culminated [1] with Ferrari driver Spaniard Fernando Alonso clinching first place, followed by his team mate Brazilian Felipe Massa. Briton Lewis Hamilton, in a McLaren-Mercedes, came in third position, to the thrill of a Ferrari-supporting crowd.

A tweetphoto by Mahmood Al Yousif from the Bahrain International Circuit

A tweetphoto by Mahmood Al Yousif from the Bahrain International Circuit

Before the race weekend started, Bahraini blogger @Mahmood [2] Al Yousif complains:

oh, my wife and I are the only people actually PAYING for our tickets, everyone else we know's got a freebie! Last time we'll buy BIC tkts:(

And then he goes on to religiously ‘tweet’ the weekend. On the first day, he writes [3]:

BIC are you listening? Ban smoking on stands for goodness sake. We can't breath and it's bloody annoying and filthy.

On the second day of the race, @Mahmood [4] tweets from the stands:

Sitting between 3 ladies fanning themselves and I'm getting the benefit. Is this the life of emperors? Not bad. I like!!

And on Alonso's win, @Mahmood [5] quips:

It's appropriate that the king of Spain is here, he must be very chuffed! Well done Alonso!! Congrats Bahrain too.

Bahrain's own Foreign Affairs Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Mohammed Al Khalifa [6] was also on Twitter, registering his thoughts on the weekend's proceedings.

Earlier today, he posted a tweetphoto [7] showing traffic line ups on the way to the circuit:

Traffic line up to the circuit by Khalid Al Khalifa

Traffic line up to the circuit by Khalid Al Khalifa

He also notes [8]:

On my way to F1 race .. Horrendous traffic towards circuit

And at the end of the race, Shaikh Khalid tweets [9]:

With @richardquest [10] .. Almost falling off the tower at the race ! Congrats to Alonso, Spain and Ferrari http://tweetphoto.com/14383101 [11]

Meanwhile, CNN's Richard Quest was also in Bahrain, attending F1 and posts the following tweet [12] at the start of the race:

Race underway. loud. view good, n o idea who is winning without looking at TV #F1 [13] #cnn [14]

Before that, he stumbles [15] upon the King of Spain and…

I was wearing shorts in Royal Tower and had to hide when King of Spain passed by ! Faux Pas indeed.

Bahrain makes it as a Trending Topic on Twitter

Bahrain makes it as a Trending Topic on Twitter

And Salman Al Abbasi predicted Alonso's win and tweets [16]:

For the first time my predictions turn right Alonso 1 #Bahrain #F1 :D

As for Internet junkies, the excitement was running high as Bahrain became a trending topic on Twitter. Esra'a Al Shafei [17] tweets her excitement:

Amazing, my little country is internationally trending for the first time ever! Take that, Dubai!

She then adds [18]:

Come on #Bahrain I wanna screenshot this country being FIRST on the international trending list (to show my grandkids, duh)

Her excitement is shattered when #Bahrain fell off the list. She explains [19]:

Everyone using #BahrainGP instead of just #Bahrain ruined it for us. We're never gonna beat the mothers now.