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Kazakhstan: Politics, ethnic balance and opposition

Categories: Central Asia & Caucasus, Kazakhstan, Governance, Media & Journalism, Politics

Bloggers in Kazakhstan continue to discuss issues centered around governance and political stability. Izhanov thinks [1] there is a potential problem brewing in Kazkahstan's ethnic demographics [ru]:

The last census showed two major trends of the past decade: there are now much more Kazakhs (+26 per cent) and sufficiently less Russians (-15 per cent). The first trend is good, while the second is bad … The growth of Kazakh population should not oppose the number of Russians in the country. Unfortunately, there are voices that put a question this way…

Megakhuimyak comments [2] on access (or, rather, absence of access) of the political opposition to the mass media [ru]:

Opposition is effectively blocked out of the most part of media, especially television. However, [it's strange that they don't use alternatives] none of the opposition parties uses Internet. Some of them don't have websites, others don't update them often. Meanwhile, there is 1.2 million users of broadband Internet in Kazakhstan already [the country's population is about 15 million].

The past couple of weeks were marked in the region by the birthdays of two ladies – Aliya, the daughter of Kazakh president Nazarbayev, and Gulnara, the daughter of Uzbek leader Karimov. The first invited [3] Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez to the party, the second chose [4] Sting. Zadumka opinionates [5] [ru]:

The Uzbek daughter defenitely has a better taste…

The persistent gap between the rich and the poor, harshly aggravated by the global financial crisis, worries local political observer epolet [6] [ru]:

The way they carry out their political practices in 2010 provokes fear in the society. I feel it in the people's moods. I hope it won't lead to some bloody final.

Gaisa is alarmed [7] by a new round of the government's good intentions [ru]:

Prime-minister ordered to reduce pressure on the business. According to our experience, the fight for reduction of pressure increases the pressure twice…