8 March 2010

Stories from 8 March 2010

Armenia: S.O.S. Save Cinema Moscow's Open Hall

Unzipped comments on plans to demolish Yerevan's only open air cinema hall to make room for the construction of a new church. Although the cinema itself was constructed after the demolition of a previous church standing in the same spot, the blog says that there are enough churches in the...

Armenia: International Women's Day

Ianyan marks International Women's Day with an extended post reflecting on gender in Armenia and its Diaspora. The blogger examines several issues related to Armenian women including marriage, education, work, and sex.

Russia: Most of Media Practice “Copy-Pasting”

Russian magazine Kommersant Money published an analytical investigation on plagiarism in online media. It suggests that the majority of media content in Russia is based on “copy-pasting” practice usually done by special software that substitutes original words with synonyms to pass the product as a different article.

Russia: “Muromtsev Dacha” Demolished

A historic wooden house in Moscow suburbs known as “Muromtsev Dacha” has been torn down by the authorities amid numerous protests from the residents. The photos of the demolition have been posted by different bloggers and gathered at LJ community photo-polygon.

Russia: “Postal Cop” Gets Life Imprisonment

Denis Yevsyukov, a 32-year-old Moscow policeman who killed two and injured seven people, was sentenced to life imprisonment on February 20, 2010. The verdict became the hot topic in the Russian blogosphere, igniting discussions about police corruption, modernization challenge and responsibility of the authorities.

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: Eye on T&T

  8 March 2010

Jamaica's Active Voice admits she's “quite fascinated by the goings on in Trinidad and Tobago over the last couple of days”, saying, “I'd like to see how the ruling party extricates itself from what appears to be damning evidence of guilt…”; Jumbie's Watch, meanwhile, has “perused the overall picture and...

Russia: Rally Demands Overhaul of Corrupt Police Force

Several hundred activists, at a rally in Moscow on March 6, demanded an overhaul of Russia's notoriously and increasingly corrupt police force, arguing that the reform of the service ordered by President Dmitry Medvedev in December and recent firings of senior police officials could not produce any serious effect.

Ghana: AccraTwestival2010

  8 March 2010

Mac announces the first ever Twitter Festival dubbed: AccraTwestival2010: It is an event been co-organized by myself; MacJordaN & RodneyQuarcoo and a few volunteers based in Accra. It is scheduled to happen on Thursday March 25, 2010

Kenya: First Day of ICANN in Nairobi

  8 March 2010

Rebecca's notes on the first day of ICANN meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. ICANN is the body that governs the assignment of domain names and IP addresses worldwide: “But I must say am impressed with the people that turned up, actually I thought it would have been a nice time to...

Kenya: Soul Boy – Premier

  8 March 2010

A Nairobian's Perspective writes about the Kenyan Independent movie dubbed “Soul Boy”, which premiered on Saturday 6th of March 2010 in Kenya's sprawling slum ‘Kibera’.

Bangladesh: Much Ado About Nothing

  8 March 2010

Maskwaith Ahsan at Voice Of Bangladeshi Bloggers discusses about the acrimonious politics in Bangladesh which deals with unproductive issues and not the important ones. “How come we never see this ferocity of political competition when it comes to ensuring basic necessities like food, shelter, security and human rights?” asks the...

Haiti: Permaculture

  8 March 2010

Repeating Islands looks at permaculture as a possible environmental solution for Haiti following the January 12 earthquake.

Barbados: Water Response

  8 March 2010

“Watching how the government deals with the current drought in Barbados is an interesting lesson in crisis management”: Barbadian bloggers are dissatisfied with the water situation on the island.