5 March 2010

Stories from 5 March 2010

Maldives: Failure Of Judiciary

  5 March 2010

Reacting on some recent court rulings in Maldives, Maldivian blogger Yaamyn, who blogs at “Slicker Than Your Average”, comments: “the Maldivian judiciary is an embarrassment, and completely deserves not only our contempt, but also the strongest condemnation.”

Sri Lanka: Exploitation Of Paddy Farmers

  5 March 2010

Ratmale at Serendipity discusses about the exploitation of paddy farmers “because two of the Agricultural Ministers in Sri Lanka are directly or indirectly owners of the largest rice mills”. The market price of rice is 86% higher than what the farmers are getting for their paddy.

Sri Lanka: Shunning Public Transport

  5 March 2010

Sujeewa de Silva at Random Reflections of a Kind blog discusses about the “terrible state” of the Sri Lankan public transport system and why people shun away from them.

India: Interview With Greatbong

  5 March 2010

Blogadda interviews Indian blogger Arnab Ray aka Greatbong, who is working as an Assistant Adjunct Professor at University of Maryland. His blog Random Thoughts Of A Demented Mind was adjudged Indiblog of the year 2008 last year.

Jamaica: Consumer Win

  5 March 2010

“Thank you OUR (Office of Utility Regulations) for standing up for the Jamaican consumers by telling the JPS (Jamaica Public Service) no to their latest attempt of robbery!”: Stunner lets loose.

Trinidad & Tobago: Gender Policy

  5 March 2010

gspottt is keeping a close eye on the Gender Policy: “Our Government cannot shirk its responsibility to set clear domestic policy to address the concerns of the tens of thousands of GLBTI citizens of Trinidad & Tobago.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Hearty Defense

  5 March 2010

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog and Jumbie's Watch are following the latest political fiasco: the government's continued defense of Udecott executive chairman Calder Hart “in light of fresh evidence linking Hart to a company his board awarded $820 million in contracts.”

Bermuda: Illegal or Impossible?

  5 March 2010

“Yep, as you guessed, nothing has changed, not even on the agenda. Unethical but not illegal”: Still, Vexed Bermoothes continues to press for anti-corruption laws in Bermuda.

Kyrgyzstan: Who needs Kurultai of Harmony

Kyrgyz blogger writes that the government of Kyrgyzstan is planning to hold the “Kurultai of Harmony” (a mass congress of community representatives from all over the country) to be chaired by the president, but many people are wondering — does the country really need it?

Tajikistan: A Color Revolution? Be careful…

The Tajikistan opposition is furious at the recent parliamentary election results and is planning massive protest actions. However, Dushanbe advises caution: the opposition must be very careful not to open themselves to accusations of fomenting a Color Revolution.

Turkmenistan: Listening to Reason?

Vlad writes about the human rights record in Turkmenistan, citing a report on the state of the country’s prisons, and the government's surprising response with reduction of the maximum pison sentence. However, the authorities still fall short on the issue of oversight, the blogger says.