4 March 2010

Stories from 4 March 2010

India: The Battle Of Rin vs. Tide

  4 March 2010

In India a recent advertisement on TV openly comparing between rival detergent brands caused an uproar in the blogosphere with bloggers discussing about rivalry, fair competition and ethics.

Peru: New Floods in Cusco Region

  4 March 2010

When it was believed that the disaster situation caused by rains and flooding in Cusco, Peru and surrounding areas had gotten better, on March 1st strong rains once again caused the overflow another river.

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: Getting Kicks

  4 March 2010

This Beach Called Life thinks that politics and good governance in Trinidad and Tobago are “entertainment as usual”, while across in Barbados, B.C. Pires is also amused by the goings-on in his homeland.

Caucasus: Women's rights

Security, in the Caucasus and beyond… prepares for International Women's Day by chronicling key developments in women's rights in the region. However, with many traditional practices slow to die out, the blog says that changes in societal values brought about during the Soviet years have been overturned since independence. In...

Kazakhstan: Bloggers Discuss Olympian Results

Kazakhstan's performance at the Vancouver Winter Games was pretty humble with the only silver medal won by Elena Krustaleva in the women’s 15km biathlon. Elena is from Russia and until recently raced for Russia but Kazakhstan apparently bought her and the investment paid off, writes KZBlog. Pacifistt reacts [ru]: Krustaleva...

China: Petty bourgeoisie

  4 March 2010

Elliot Ng from CN Review looks into the Chinese modern usage of the popular term “xiao-zi”, which originated from Karl Marx's “Petty bourgeoisie”.

Japan: Manga Newspaper

  4 March 2010

According to Anime News Network [en], Manga No Shimbun [ja] (漫画の新聞), the first web newspaper that reports daily news in a manga format, will be soon available also in English, French and Korean.

Poland: Students Suing Former Minister of Education

Last year, two Wroclaw students signed a petition asking the headmaster to remove religious symbols from their school building - but he refused. The minister of education called these students "spoiled brats" - and they are suing him now. Magda Pilat reports on Polish bloggers' reactions.