1 March 2010

Stories from 1 March 2010

Africa: Who is your daddy?

  1 March 2010

As two neighbouring countries, South Africa and Zimbabwe, celebrated two very contrasting “Fathers” – Mr. Nelson Mandela and Mr. Robert Mugabe, Chris Kabwato discusses the politics of father-figure in Zimbabwe.

Egypt: El Baradie Has Arrived

The former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed El Baradie, who has announced earlier that he may run for the presidential elections in 2011, returned to Egypt. Tarek Amr reviews the reactions of bloggers in this post.

Morocco: In Meknès, a Devastating Accident

On February 19, devastating news from Morocco: the minaret of the Bab Berdieyinne Mosque (also known as the Lalla Khenata bint Bekkar Mosque) in the UNESCO heritage city of Meknès, Morocco, had collapsed during Friday prayers. Bloggers are sharing local stories and condolences with the people of Meknès.

South Korea: Robot English teacher

  1 March 2010

matts from Gusts of popular feeling blogs about the introduction of English robot teacher to the Korean education scene and explains the desire for learning western technology without adapting western culture in replacing “foreign teacher” with “robot”.

China: 10 seconds to hijack gmail password

  1 March 2010

Li Tie points out that in China hijacking a gmail account password only takes 10 seconds if the user has connected his/her account with mobile phone. Once the password recovery was sent to the mobile, the security police can get hold of the account information.

Sri Lanka: Opinion And Analysis In Sinhala Language

  1 March 2010

ICT for Peacebuilding (ICT4Peace) informs that Vikalpa, a citizen journalism platform, relaunched its social media oriented website to provide “compelling and original opinion and analysis in Sinhala language from Sri Lanka”.