1 March 2010

Stories from 1 March 2010

Poland: Fighting Cancer Online

Lenka is a joyful 5-year-old and Paula is an interior design student in her early twenties. You wouldn’t think that they have anything in common but they do. They both have cancer and they both have blogs describing their fight with the disease.

Chile: Chaos in the Province of Curicó

  1 March 2010

“Chaotic continues to the situation that province of Curicó faces,” writes Luis Alberto Cabello of the blog Vivimos la Noticia [es] written from the Chilean province that was one of the hardest hit. He also adds photos of the scenes from the streets.

Russia: Bloggers Vs. “Patricians” on the Road

Following a recent car crash in Moscow, bloggers launched an advocacy campaign to rehabilitate the memory of the two women killed in the crash and draw attention to a pressing issue of cars with "special" license plates that constantly disobey the rules and cause traffic accidents.

Brazil: The Trees-per-Tweet Reforestation Campaign

  1 March 2010

Environmental blogger Vivo Verde [pt] highlights a campaign by Brazil's major telecom VIVO promising to reforest one square meter of native forest for every tweet answering the question: “What would you do with lots of SMS messages?” and with the hashtag #oquevcfaria (#whatwouldyoudo) up to March 10th.

Chile: Earthquake Effects in Maule

  1 March 2010

The citizen newspaper Maulee [es] based in Maule, the epicenter region of the Chilean earthquake provides updates on how the region was affected, including fatalities, road conditions, and recommendations from authorities.

India: Blog Camp Experience

  1 March 2010

Priya Kanwar at Reading Cafe shares her experience of being part of the Blog Camp in Mumbai. She lists links of some fellow bloggers’ reactions on the event.

Trinidad & Tobago: Missing Money

  1 March 2010

“The quality of our political rulers has now joined in unholy matrimony with the sheer recklessness of their anointed deal-makers to put our economy into an entirely new and perilous place”: Trinidadian Afra Raymond examines the issue of the CLICO bailout and “the mystery of the missing money”.

Cuba: More On Tamayo

  1 March 2010

Cuban bloggers continue to discuss the recent death of Cuban political prisoner and hunger striker Orlando Zapato Tamayo.

Barbados, Haiti: Being Prepared

  1 March 2010

“What is clear is the changing climatic conditions affecting the world, the Caribbean included”: On the heels of two major earthquakes in the region, Barbados Underground wonders “what can we do to mitigate the damage to property and threat to life and limb” as another hurricane season approaches.

Bermuda: Term Limits

  1 March 2010

Vexed Bermoothes and The Devil Island maintain that the “term limiting out” of a particular journalist “is a bad and self-defeating move: he’s the best known business journalist associated with Bermuda, and his coverage of Bermuda’s international sector has contributed significantly to the island’s reputation and growth.”