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Poland: Real-Time Reactions to Kowalczyk's Gold in Vancouver

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As the world is carefully keeping an eye on tsunami threat in Hawaii [1], Poles are uniting in opposite emotions – celebrating their golden medal won tonight by Justyna Kowalczyk in women's cross country 30km in Vancouver [2]. Polish microblogging platform Blip.pl delivered updates on real-time reactions of the Polish viewers throughout the competition.

Viewers like dulak posted [3] [PL] their plans to watch the broadcast:


dulak: Off to watch the 30km race. I hope for a medal.

Desire expressed [4] [PL] the support for Kowalczyk:


desire:  I cheer on justyna kowalczyk;-) #olimpiada

Maluminse [5] [PL] fed continuous updates on developments:

#vancouver [6] change of skis by Justyna. for second time already

#VANCOUVER [7] and only Bjoergen and Kowalczyk will fight for victory. Is Justyna going to lose for 3rd time? Half of Poland counts on a medal, other half for gold

#vancouver [8] 700 meters to finish

#VANCOUVER [9] and on the stadium already. Historic moment after 38 years.

#VANCOUVER [10] 80meters

Dulak's blip [11] [PL] expressed emotions of the viewers…

I cannot stand it, it's an incredibly tight fight #vancouver [12]

…finally sharing [13] [PL] the good news:


Desire added [14] [PL]:

wonderful Justyna! what an emotional finish!!!!my throat is hurting!!!!wonderfulwonderful!!#olimpiada [15]

Cobrrra joined others in cheering, sharing a picture [16] of the TV screen with the word ‘GOLD!!!’ all over it:



At this stage viewers shared their impressions too. PWNZOR expressed [17] disbelief [PL]:

#vancouver za [blip]: ZOMG, WTF, LOL!!!!!1111 seriously, I did not expect that any of us would get gold:D

Structus admitted [18] [PL] that his entire neighbourhood was cheering the great news:

What emotions!! Wonderful ending, shouts all over the estate and gold for Kowalczyk #olimpiada [15]

Muszi even mentioned [19] [PL] the fireworks:

The neighbour out of joy did a small fireworks show for us :D Well done Justyna! [#olimpiada [15]]

And afterwards we have received another blip [20] [PL] on a bronze medal won by Polish speed skaters:


Another medal at #Vancouver! What an evening – speed skaters in team run win bronze! What a wonderful run!

What a night for Poland! For more updates in Polish, go to two hashtags on Blip.pl: #vancouver [12] and #olimpiada [15]. Video from the finish is available here [21] [PL].