1 February 2010

Stories from 1 February 2010

Barbados, Haiti: Do the Right Thing

  1 February 2010

“If there is nothing as strong as an idea whose time has come, the notion of ‘debt forgiveness’ for Haiti has arrived in our time as a nine-point-five on whatever scale it is that measures compassion”: Blogging from Barbados, B.C. Pires thinks that CARICOM countries should be leading the charge...

Spain: Indigenous Film Festival

  1 February 2010

Canal Solidario writes about the Indigenous Film Festival which will take place in Sevilla, Spain. During the screening, films from indigenous communities inside Nicaragua, Canada and Brazil will be shown and participants will also discuss the role of multimedia and internet tools in protecting cultural diversity.

Peru: Aid and Rescue for Flood Victims in Cusco

  1 February 2010

The situation in Cusco, Peru remains difficult as the rains have not ceased. Aid is being distributed, but many are calling for more transparency. There have even been reports that some tourists have been charged money in exchange for being rescued.

Haiti: News from Jacmel

  1 February 2010

how can they hear reports from Jacmel, Haiti: “There is certainly a shift taking place here in the last 2 days. Life seems to be getting back to normal… In no way do I want it to sound like life is peachy in Jacmel, because I’m sure that for many,...

China: Survey on Chinese Twitter users

  1 February 2010

Kenengba conducted a Chinese Twitter user survey on Jan 27 2010. Apart from mapping out the background of Chinese twitterers, the blogger wants to find out why Chinese netizens take all the trouble to get around the Great Fire Wall for getting access to Twitter. He received around 1,000 responses...

Haiti: Making Magic

  1 February 2010

The Haitian Blogger reports on Haitians helping one another: “A restaurant on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince is taking up the slack left by still-incomplete relief efforts and feeding 1,000 hungry and homeless Haitians a day—for free.”

Haiti: Running to Help

  1 February 2010

Diaspora blogger Peggy Brunache is touched by the outpouring of support for Haiti: “I have always felt that Haiti was like that little kid who everyone tried to hit first and repeatedly during a dodgeball game. After getting pummelled, the little kid would get up, brush herself off and limp...

Haiti, U.S.A.: Thoughts on a Take Over

  1 February 2010

Repeating Islands links to a mainstream media report claiming that Haitians want the U.S. to take over, a concept which the blogger finds odd: “I have been wondering how long it would take before the US press began to report that the Haitian population wanted the Americans to take over....

Vietnam: Dog meat restaurant

  1 February 2010

A Vietnam-based blogger writes about his recent visit to a dog meat restaurant in Hanoi. There are seven ways to cook dog in traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Cuba: Trudging On

  1 February 2010

“I feel a terror that almost doesn’t let me type, but I want to tell those who today threatened me and my family, that when one reaches a certain level of panic, higher doses don’t make any difference. I will not stop writing, or Twittering; I have no plans to...

Jamaica, Haiti: Like a Refugee

  1 February 2010

Annie Paul tells a tale of a supposed Haitian earthquake refugee who turns out to be “a famished Jamaican fisherman or as the Observer put it, ‘a Jamaican mute from Windsor Castle, Portland.'”

Bhutan: The $200 Per Day Tour Package

  1 February 2010

Tshokey at Kuzu – Bhutan Weblog discusses the merits and demerits of the the US $ 200 per day govt. tour package fee imposed on every tourists in Bhutan, which includes accommodation, meals and different tour programs.

Pakistan: Don't Bite The Ball

  1 February 2010

Pakistani bloggers like Adil Najam and Teeth Maestro are condemning the ball tampering incident of the Pakistan cricket player Shahid Afridi.

China: Anti-peaceful evolution and information freedom

  1 February 2010

Geremie R. Barmé from China Beat contextualizes the recent debate between China and U.S on Internet freedom around Google incident under the CCP's struggle against the peaceful evolution of its political system back in 1959 and 1989.

Famous Researcher Talks About Internet in Russia

RuNet Echo  1 February 2010

Alexander Voiskounsky is one of the first scholars who started researching the Internet in Russia. In an interview to Global Voices, Dr. Voiskounsky shared his view on current problems of the Internet research in Russia, described how science can stop hackers and explained why social networks cannot play a significant political role in the country.

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