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Lebanon: 90 Presumed Dead After Ethiopian Airlines Jet Plunges into Sea

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Condolences poured in on Twitter after an Ethiopian Airlines jet plunged into the Mediterranean minutes after its take off from Beirut, Lebanon. All 90 people on board are presumed dead after the plane caught fire during a lightning storm and crashed into the sea.

@tsepeaces [1] retweets an eye witness as saying:

RT @patrickgaley [2]: Eyewitness Naame “We saw an explosion in the sky like the sun, it was there for seconds then vanished into darkness”#ET409 [3]

He also tweets [4]:

The plane was a ball of flame for a second – these are haunting words :-/ #ET409 [3] May they all Rest in Peace!

Daily Star reporter and Huffington Post blogger Patrick Galey [5] quotes a Lebanese man who lost 10  friends on board the flight:

Fouad Shihab, 10 friends on board: “I was meant to be on that plane and look what happened. All my friends are dead.”

In an earlier tweet, he writes [6]:

Just returned from Rafiq Hariri airport, scenes there are terrible. No information, spoke with people who have lost entire family

Hichame Assi  (@hiconomics [7]) writes:

Very sad to hear about #ET409 [3]… I hope it's as painless as possible to all family and friends. Allah Yer7am (May God have mercy on them)

Georges Azzi [8], who has been following the coverage on television, wasn't impressed and tweeted:

Lebanon: too many TV Stations= too much airtime #et409 [9] #coverage [10] switching into sensational and fictional mode #fail [11]

Samer, who tweets @meetsamer [12], also expressed outrage at Lebanese media saying:

Lebanese media has no decency or any sense of ethics, they're already referring to the missing ppl as “dead” #ET409 [3] #Lebanon [13]

Amer Tabsh (@arzleb [14])  shares similar sentiments and writes:

LBC (Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation) analysis of the #ET409 [3] is very stupid and wrongful #fail [11]

He also shares [15] the hotline number for information and inquires on the crash:

Hotline 71207326 for info & inquiries by the Victims families / Hotline 1701 to inform of any wreckage of bodies sighting #ET409 [3] #Lebanon [13]

Meanwhile, Tala [16] is shaken by the news and tweets:

25 bodies have been taken out of the water, 2 of them were children. And they hardly identify any of them. R.I.P #ET409 [3]

CNN's Cal Perry [17]was also tweeting and in one message says:

Such a sad day #et409 [9] – tomorrow we'll try to get down to the beach. Tonight's piece from the airport. PM Hariri trying his best to console

Nathan Redd [18] is in agony and writes:

I seriously cannot concentrate on anything today. #ET409 [3] is the only thing on my mind today. My heart is broken.

And @nightS [19]sums up the day saying:

It's a very sad and horrible day :( #ET409 [3]