Chile: Piñera's Victory Raises Questions About Pinochet's Influence

On January 17, 2010 Sebastián Piñera was elected Chile's next president, following twenty years of a left-leaning government that symbolized the transition to democracy after Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship. Spanish-speaking bloggers and online newspapers have commented on the relationship between the president-elect and the deceased dictator; many of these observations arose from the public support showed to Pinochet after Piñera’s victory.

A Piñera voter shows his support for dictator Augusto Pinochet. Photo taken by Darcy Vergara, Flickr user darcy_vergara, and used under a Creative Commons license

A Piñera voter shows his support for dictator Augusto Pinochet. Photo taken by Darcy Vergara, Flickr user darcy_vergara, and used under a Creative Commons license

Commenting on the Pinochet followers the day of the final vote, Luis Ramirez [es] wrote on his blog:

Sí, ya es un hecho: Los Piñeristas Pinochetistas están entre nosotros.

Yes, it is a fact: The Piñeristas Pinochetistas (Pinochet supporters) are among us.

Pictures like the one above and videos like the one below that show Chileans yelling “General Pinochet, this victory is for you” and “Chi Chi Chi le le le, long live Chile and Pinochet” have been passed around the internet to the bewilderment of some, and the indifference of others who say that this is nothing new in the country.

Video by REMP81:

Regarding these chants and signs, the online newspaper La Alternativa [es] explains that:

El hecho causó estupor en varios adherentes del propio empresario, así como también en medios internacionales, incluso aquellos ligados a la derecha, quienes consideran al fallecido dictador en un nivel similar a Hitler Mussolini o Francisco Franco. La noche del domingo 17 de enero será recordada como el momento en que muchos aduladores del gobierno militar “salieron del closet” y expresaron públicamente que la retórica del emprendimiento, el futuro, la reconciliación y la esperanza, no eran más que vacías frases de campaña para “enchular” a una derecha.

The event caused stupor in various people close to the businessman, and also in the international media, even those tied to the right, who consider the deceased dictator on a similar level to Hitler, Mussolini or Francisco Franco. The night of Sunday, January 17th will be remembered as the moment when many adulators of the military government “came out of the closet” and expressed publicly that the rhetoric of progress, of the future, and of reconciliation and hope, is nothing more than hollow campaign phrases to improve the right.

In a blog called “Cuestiónatelo Todo [es] (“Question everything”) the author rejects what many have expressed about the positive state of Chilean democracy, and says that Piñera’s victory is actually a step backward for democracy in Chile:

Su triunfo representa una resurrección del pinochetismo […] Pinochet nunca murio realmente, y el triunfo de Piñera solo significa la consecuencia natural de una transición que nunca fue tal cosa, sino simplemente la continuación de lo mismo con rostros aparentemente mas amables.

El triunfo del partido de Piñera es un paso atras en el avance hacia la democracia chilena,

His triumph represents a resurrection of “pinochetismo,” […] Pinochet never really died, and Piñera’s victory is only the natural consequence of a transition that never happened and the simple continuation of the same thing with faces that appear friendlier. The triumph of Piñera’s party is a step backward for Chilean democracy.
Man trying to take down Piñera electoral sign during Victor Jara's funeral, who was killed during the Pinochet dictatorship. Photo taken by Flickr user Amable Odiable and used under a Creative Commons license

Man trying to take down Piñera electoral sign during Victor Jara's funeral, who was killed during the Pinochet dictatorship. Photo taken by Flickr user Amable Odiable and used under a Creative Commons license

However, others see the outcome of this election as a sign that Chileans have put Pinochet and his dictatorship behind them, and that the left, who will become the opposition on March 11, will have to look for new ways to gain support from voters. Peruvian blogger Alejandro Lostaunau Neira [es] writes:

Esta situación ha brindado la oportunidad para que los partidos que apoyaron la candidatura del exitoso empresario se desprendan de una vez por todas del fantasma de Augusto Pinochet. […] Sólo este triunfo sobre la Concertación de Partidos por la Democracia puede desligar el fantasma del amado y odiado militar, fallecido en diciembre de 2006.[…] La centro izquierda siempre tenía ventaja porque una manera de bajarse al contrincante era recordar los momentos de oscuridad de la dictadura. Ahora todo eso ya no será posible porque el pueblo chileno ha legitimado a los hasta ahora opositores.

This situation has given an opportunity to the parties that supported the candidacy of the successful businessman to once and for all disconnect themselves from the ghost of Augusto Pinochet […] Only this victory over the Concertación de Partidos por la Democracia can disconnect the ghost of the beloved and hated military man, who died December of 2006. The center left always had an advantage because one way of putting the opposition down was to remember the dark times of the dictatorship. Now all that is not possible anymore because the Chilean people have legitimized the until-now opposition.

Luis Mendez, a Chilean who runs the blog Adictos 2.0 [es] sees Piñera’s victory as an end to 37 years of division between the Chilean people on the issue of Pinochet. He ends his post with encouraging words for Piñera, and he calls for a future where Chileans will finally turn the page on the military coup and the Pinochet dictatorship:

Ojala que por el bien de todos, a Sebastian Piñera le vaya bien, ya que de una vez queremos que los que paso el 11 de septiembre de 1973 quede en la historia de Chile y no siga siendo presente, ya que las nuevas generaciones queremos un viva Chile presente y futuro!!

Hopefully for the good of everyone, Sebastián Piñera will do well, because we want what happened September 11, 1973 to stay behind in Chile's history and not remain the present, because new generations want a “long live Chile” in the present and future!!

The fact that Piñera tried so hard to disassociate himself from Pinochet during the campaign speaks positively of the majority of Chileans who see the dictatorship as a grim part of their history. As reported from an interview in the Mexican newspaper Informador, when the then-candidate Piñera was asked about the influence of the dictator in the elections, he answered, “Pinochet is part of the past. We want to construct a future of national unity, of greater prosperity and greater justice for everyone.”


  • Odiseo

    I strongly agree with the last quote from Adictos 2.0. Chile needs to wake up from the ashes of the dictatorship. i don’t think we should forget what happened back then, always have it present so that it doesn’t happen again, but we cannot let it rule our lives any longer because it’s not relevant anymore. I do believe Pinera’s victory (even though he wasn’t my favourite, nor was it Frei) is a victory of the new generation that doesn’t buy the old tales of the centre-left that used the dictatorial regime as a weapon of fear “do not vote for any other that is not part of the left, remember what happened under Pinochet”. Although I wouldn’t have elected Pinera, I still say hurray! to all those Chileans who didn’t fall in the old game of fear and tried something new, even if a few chant as if this was Pinochet’s victory. We all (including them) know Pinochet had nothing to do with it.

  • Pablo Alvarez

    Patricio Aylwin, president of Chile between 1990 and 1998, justifies and supports the coup that overthrow Salvador Allende in 1973

    The reporter asks: As Chairman of the Christian Democratic Party, what do you think were the causes of the action of the Armed Forces?

    Patricio Aylwin responds: As we have said in several statements, our opinion is that the economic crisis, the Popular Unity attempt to monopolize power by any means, chaos and institution destruction that had brought the government of Mr. Allende across the country, caused a degree of collective despair and distress in most of the Chilean population, which precipitated this pronouncement of the Armed Forces. We have the conviction that so-called Chilean way of driving the socialism, which pushed and hoisted the banner of the Popular Unity, and exhibited a great deal abroad, was complete failed, and that were knew by the militants of the Popular Unity and that were knew by Allende, and therefore they were preparing, through the organization of armed militias, which were very heavily equipped and they were a real parallel army were preparing to give a self-coup and take by force the entire power. In these circumstances we think the action of the armed forces simply anticipated that risk to save the country from falling into civil war or into a communist dictatorship.

    • Heptacampeao

      I don’t see what’s wrong with Aylwin’s remarks on the coup, considering that despite the fact that he was on exile, his life was at risk (The military regime took and attempted to take the lives of several Chileans in several foreign countries including Italy, Argentina, and the USA).

      If I were him, I would say Golpe instead of Pronunciamiento and I would change the word Salvar for something with a less powerful connotation, but besides that, he was right: The Allende administration was failing due to their own incompetency and the fierce opposition and even boycott of the Chilean right, and Aylwin says that as background information to answer what caused the military coup. The question of the journalist wasn’t “Do you support the coup?” It was way different, and I don’t see Aylwin taking a position on whether he supported the coup or not.

      Also, I don’t see the direct relation of Aylwin’s remarks with this article. Are you trying to say that Aylwin was a Pinochetista? Even if in a parallel universe he was Pinochetista, what does that have to do with the article? I would like to know what you think the connection is.

  • sara morales

    Hola, felicito a los chilenos por ese truinfo, y a los argentinos, ecuatorianos, peruanos y velezolanos que sigan el ejemplo de elegir a un hombre preparado y que lleve a todos los chilenos a salir adelente, viva Pinochet, que libro del socialismo y comunismo a Chile. desde Brooklyn, New York. Abrazos a todos.


    La crisis economica mundial es producto de las politicas economicas del ex-presidente Norteamericano GEORGE BUSH, un conservativo derechista. La gran mayoria de Independientes en Chile tienen la falsa esperanza que un derechista tipo Alessandri podria arreglar a nivel nacional los problemas causados por una RECESION MUNDIAL que fue causada precisamente por politicas extremadamente conservativas. Un gobierno que solamente ayuda a los ricos, cortando los impuestos a las corporaciones, industriales, millonarios, con la falsa promesa que esto va a producir prosperidad y crear mas trabajo para todos, es falso, con este tipo de plataforma los ricos se vuelven mas ricos y los pobres mas pobres…….vease el caso de la gran depresion de 1929 y la resecion de 2008.

  • […] Ivonne Valdes reacted [es] to the news through Twitter: @sweetanabelle: estudiantes de U de Chile detenidos sólo por manifestarse contra Piñera!!!, parece que de verdad creen que hemos vuelto a la dictadura @sweetanabelle: students at the University of Chile detained only for protesting against Piñera!!!, it looks like they really think we have gone back to the dictatorship [of Augusto Pinochet] […]

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