Georgia: Let's talk about sex, baby…

kiss-208-2bPerhaps the most buzzing topic in the Georgian social media scene was not politics, elections, sport, crisis, earthquakes or catastrophe. Instead, one of the most discussed topics was actually about a new television show, Ghame Shorenastan. Shown on Imedi TV, the title translates as Night with Shorena and covers topics about sex.

As the first to do so, and with former Georgian Playboy Playmate Shorena Begashvili, the show received a lot of feedback online, both positive and negative. NightGravity was certainly delighted.

გაქაჩავს. დარწმუნებული ვარ ბევრმა ცნობილმა თუ არა ცობილმა უყურა,ბევრმა კონსერვატმა და ა.შ.

This show will work. I'm sure a lot of famous, not so famous and also conservative people watched it.

Everybody agreed that Georgia needs a television programme about sex and most of the negative comments, such as this criticism by lukrenc, were of a more technical nature.

გადაცემას უდაოდ საინტერესო და სექსუალური წამყვანი ყავს–შორენა ბეგაშვილი,გადაცემის საინტერესოობაზე კი რა მოგახსენოთ მეგონა ტოპ 10 სიმღერას ვუსმენდი

The show has an indisputably interesting and sexy hostess – Shorena Begashvili – but the show itself is not so much – I thought I was listening to “Top 10 music videos”.

Popular Georgian blogger Tomushka made several posts about the show and reviewed every episode. She also criticized the technical aspect.

There was not a main topic, and it looked like a MTV program. During 45 minutes there was 20 minutes of advertisements and 20 minutes of MTV song videos :D last 5 minutes were “hello, goodbye, sex is not bad, sex is good” :D

Lishtota even conducted an online poll asking “When will “night with Shorena” be cancelled?”


[1. One month or earlier (40%); 2. Several months (28%); It won't be cancelled (31%)]

Another blogger, Giorgi Benashvili was surprised that people did not react strongly against the show, especially as the authors and producers expected a scandal.

“Today, in the year 2009, teaching sex via television is not relevant anymore – this is the conclusion which is reached because of the silence with which the programme was greeted and which was not expected by its authors or me. If the show was made in 2001, I can imagine the effect it would have, as opposed to that we have now.”

In fact, the lack of adverse reactions lead many to suppose that society, or at least that part of it online, was ready for such a show. Many posts on blogs and forums even complain that the show was not informative enough, as one comment complains.

გოგო კარგია უდაოდ. ყველაფერი ისე იყო როგორც ჩვენს ცხოვრებაში, გამომწვევი ფასადით შეფუთული ფრიგიდულობა. სექსი დარჩა ოცნებად :D :D

The girl is nice for sure. Everything [the show – D.] was like our life – frigidity wrapped in an extravagant cover. Sex remained as a dream :D :D

Perhaps the television show had hoped to make a sexual revolution, but failed because Georgia has already managed to escape from the mentality of there being “no sex in the USSR.” This topic is not taboo anymore and maybe a sexual revolution has already happened, albeit a velvet one.


  • I think as u have mentioned earlier:
    Georgians used to speak about sex a lot between each other all time. so all this “talk about sex” concept was not a new one. actually I can give a guess that if we chose some “standard Georgian 40+ man” who would teach, joke and tell stories about sex from TV – social opinion would be rather warm for that kind of show.

    in fact the whole scandal seems to be the host – a woman, and even more – sexy looking, Georgian woman. this was the whole catch and intrigue – would people accept a “sexy” host (instead of traditional “professional looking” TV show host-women) or not.

    and yes – after all these years our society has at last got used to idea that women can be sexy for everyone around. this was, and pretty much still is, the problem of Georgian women sexuality problem: “a woman should and has to be sexy at home, but she has no right to show her sexiness to any outsider!”

    I think that’s what has changed, or started to change in recent years – women are allowed to be… their selves more often and man try to accept it.

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