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Video: In Spain, Camera Free Video Workshop for Kids

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marker on film [1]

marker on film

In Valladolid, Spain, Film-making is taught to children without them having to use a camera. Following are some of the videos showcasing the process and final results of these workshops.

The Asociación Espacio Rojo [2] (Red Space Asociation) is the one organizing the workshops, and this is how they introduce their vision:

Actualmente, Estamos realizando el Taller ‘Mi primera película’ que es un taller práctico de cine sin cámara. Este taller presenta la forma de hacer cine, películas sin cámaras usando técnicas y soporte cinematográfico como medio de expresión.

Currently, the “My First Movie” workshop is taking place, a practical film-making workshop without using cameras. This workshop shows the process of making movies on film without using cameras, using different techniques and projectors as a means of expression.

Following is a video [3] with the children's first movies:

In the latest workshop, which took place on December 27th, the kids painted on 16 mm film: then all their strips, were spliced together. In this video [4] you can see them at work, and admiring the machines used to splice their film:

In this next video [5], in addition to the process, you can see the children admiring their first film at the screening:

You can view more of the videos featuring the children's experimentation with film-making as well as the workshops in process on the Red Space Asociation vimeo channel [2].